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Converse Sues Retailers and Manufacturers to Protect its All Star Trademark Designs

By Mandour & Associates, APC on October 24, 2014

converseLos Angeles – Converse is suing 31 retailers and manufacturers who it says have infringed on its shoes’ trademark designs. The shoe manufacturer, which has sold its brand of footwear for more than a century, says some of the basic elements of its ubiquitous Chuck Taylor sneakers – the black stripes and a rubber toe topper – are being imitated by major retailers and shoe manufacturers such as Wal-Mart, Kmart, Skechers and others. Converse, which is owned by Nike, is taking 31 companies to court accusing them of trademark infringement in 22 separate lawsuits filed in the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn. Read the rest »

Company Files Action against Obama’s MyRA Plan Alleging Trademark Infringement

By Mandour & Associates, APC on October 16, 2014

white_houseOrange County – A company that markets individual retirement accounts has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against the U.S. government due to the use of the term “myRA” in connection with a savings account program proposed by President Obama for individuals who have just started saving up for retirement. The Kentucky-based company, My Retirement Account Services, LLC, has a registered trademark since 2011 for “” to use for its marketing of self-direct individual retirement accounts. Read the rest »

Apple Seeks Patent for New Kind of Digital Remote Control

By Mandour & Associates, APC on October 10, 2014

remotecontrolSan Diego – Apple has filed patent application for a new kind of digital remote control partly because Apple believes that remote controls used today are outdated. The remote controls that we use now were designed when channels only had numbers. However, now, many of the streaming services use graphic interfaces to show viewers their offerings such as movies and television shows. Read the rest »

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Judge Rules Grooveshark Employees Committed Copyright Infringement

By Mandour & Associates, APC on October 2, 2014

GroovesharkLos Angeles – A federal judge in New York ruled that Grooveshark, a free online music service that has been a nemesis to major record companies, has in fact infringed copyrights. Grooveshark has been the target of the recording industry’s attacks for hosting music files without permission. The Florida-based Grooveshark, owned by Escape Media Group, makes millions of songs available to listeners for streaming. Read the rest »

Twitpic Resurrected Following Twitter Trademark Dispute

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 26, 2014

twitterOrange County – Twitpic, the image-sharing service on Twitter, announced that it would be shutting down earlier this month due partly to a trademark dispute with Twitter. However, this week Twitpic was acquired and now it will continue to stay in business. Twitpic made the announcement about its closure following a trademark battle with Twitter, which had threatened to cut off the image-hosting site’s access to its application programming interface (API). The Twitpic site was utilized by many to upload photos to Twitter. Read the rest »

Hershey Files Trademark Lawsuit against Candy Importer

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 16, 2014

candy-reesesSan Diego – There’s nothing sweet about the federal lawsuit The Hershey Company has filed against a candy importer accusing it of infringing famous Hershey trademarks and trade dress. Hershey claims that LBB Imports LLC is bringing in candy that was manufactured overseas and wrapping it in packaging that is similar to Hershey’s most popular brands of candy such as Reese’s, York, Cadbury, Rolo and Kit Kat. Read the rest »

ITC Rules For Apple In Samsung IPhone, IPad Patent Challenge

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 14, 2014

Intellectual Property Infringement California — Apple Inc.’s iPhones and iPads do not infringe on any Samsung Electronics Co. patents, a U.S. International Trade Commission judge said Friday, marking another win for Apple in its global patent war with its South Korean rival. Read the rest »

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Tesla and Amazon Founders Clash Over Space Flight Patent

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 11, 2014

rocket-enginesLos Angeles – Elon Musk’s SpaceX is challenging a patent awarded to Blue Origin, a space venture that is being backed by Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos. Musk’s company has petitioned the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seeking to overturn a patent awarded to Blue Origin’s method for landing booster rockets at sea. The company argues that this is not novel in the field of launching and recovering rockets and therefore it does not warrant a patent.

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Trademark Dispute may keep Target from singing “Oh Canada”

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 9, 2014

target San Diego, CA – Seeking expansion into the Canadian retail market, U.S. discount-retailer Target is facing major pushback from Fairweather Ltd. Fairweather filed a $250 million trademark infringement suit against the U.S. giant on grounds that it exclusively owns the right to use the Target name in Canada. Fairweather Ltd has owned the “Target Apparel” name in Canada for 10 years. Read the rest »

ALS Association Backs Away from Ice Bucket Challenge Trademark

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 5, 2014

bucketSan Diego – The ALS Association (ALSA) has expressly abandoned a trademark application for the term “ice bucket challenge,” the name that was used for the viral video sensation, which has raised more than $94 million for the group in less than a month. ALSA backed away from seeking to trademark the term after it got a negative feedback on reports of its efforts to claim ownership to the phrase.  
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