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Infringing trademarks ruffling Twitter’s feathers?

By Mandour & Associates, APC on July 22, 2011

mandour twitter San Diego, CA – Many people have questioned what has seemed to be a relaxed attitude from Twitter in regard to policing its trademarks. Now it appears that the five-year old social networking and blogging service is beefing up protection of its brand. Is this an agressive business tactic or a smart marketing strategy? Read the rest »

Killer-Buzz Trademark Dispute

By Mandour & Associates, APC on July 19, 2011

Bee-thumb-200x178-30062San Diego, CA – On December 20th, Hansen Beverage Company was stung by PBEV, LLC in a federal trademark infringement suit filed in Alabama federal court over use of the Killer-B Nitrous Monster Energy drink line. Stan Pate, owner of PBEV, LLC, quipped “I’m not afraid of a Monster” and that he would fight to protect his Killer-Buzz trademark. Read the rest »

All War for Peace, Love, and Popcorn Trademark

By Mandour & Associates, APC on July 15, 2011

popcorn-thumb-200x150-30070 San Diego, CA – Love, Peace, and Popcorn felt anything but peaceful this Christmas. On December 22, 2010, the small, family-owned gourmet popcorn business was slapped with a lawsuit by Illinois-based Popcorn Factory, claiming trademark infringement and cyber-squatting. Read the rest »

Hershey Sues Mars for Broken Trade Dress Promises

By Mandour & Associates, APC on July 8, 2011

candy-easter-cadbury-thumb-200x150-30619 San Diego, CA – Hershey Co. recently filed suit in the United States District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania in Harrisburg, PA against candy producing rival Mars, Inc. Read the rest »

Google’s Recent $900 Bid for Nortel’s Patents May be Inspired by Patent Trolls

By Mandour & Associates, APC on July 1, 2011


San Diego – Companies and individuals who have become known as “patent trolls” exploit the civil justice system by purchasing patents for the sole purpose of filing potentially lucrative patent infringement cases against companies alleged to be infringing on the patent at issue. Read the rest »

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Sears Sued Over Shape-ups’ Trademark and Patent

By Mandour & Associates, APC on July 1, 2011

shoes-thumb-200x133-29738San Diego – Last week in a California District Court, Sketchers filed a complaint against mega-retailer Sears, charging it with patent and trademark infringement. The alleged infringement involves Sketcher’s Shape-Up product line, which it claims is being copy-catted and sold at Sears and Kmart stores. Read the rest »