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Los Angeles Based Guess Loses Trademark Lawsuit to Gucci

By Mandour & Associates, APC on May 31, 2012

purse-150x150 Los Angeles – A judgment has been made in a case that began three years ago and as of last month saw the inside of a court room. In the trademark infringement case between Gucci and Guess a judge has awarded Gucci with damages totaling $4.66 million as well as an injunction against Guess from using three of the four alleged infringing trademarks. Read the rest »

Apple and Facebook Patents Anonymously Challenged

By Mandour & Associates, APC on May 30, 2012

Los Angeles – Last week, three ex parte requests were filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) challenging patents held by tech giants Apple and Facebook. One of the challenges concerned Apple’s Patent for touchscreen interfacing (patent number 7,479,949). A second challenge against Apple was related to the document presentation on a touchscreen display (patent number 7,469,381). The challenge against Facebook was in regard to a dynamic news feed about users of social networks (patent number 7,669,123). The parties filing all three challenges are unknown at this point. Read the rest »

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Sony Files Patent for In-Gaming Advertisements

By Mandour & Associates, APC on May 30, 2012

game-controller-200x150Orange County – For years now, television viewers have had the ability to fast forward through commercials by using a DVR or a TiVo. For ‘gamers’ the thought of a video game being interrupted by a commercial may now be an inconvenient reality. Sony recently released information that in July of 2011, it filed for a patent application titled “Advertisement Scheme for use with interactive content” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The application is still pending with the Patent and Trademark Office. Read the rest »

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Adidas Sues Orange County Based World Industries for Trademark Infringement

By Mandour & Associates, APC on May 24, 2012

shoes-thumb-200x133-42078Orange County – Adidas filed a lawsuit against World Industries for infringing on multiple of its three parallel diagonal-striped design trademarks. Germany’s Adidas as well as Adidas America, which is based out of Portland, Oregon, filed a complaint with the U.S. District Court, District of Oregon for alleged trademark infringement. Adidas accuses World Industries, a skateboard company based in Costa Mesa, California, of producing the infringing sneakers. Adidas is also suing Big 5, the sporting goods store, for selling the product. Read the rest »

Sony Seeks Patent to Adjust Glasses-Free 3-D Technology

By Mandour & Associates, APC on May 24, 2012

Patent LawyerSan Diego – According to recent filings with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Sony has applied for a patent for a correction to its existing Glasses-Free 3-D technology. Read the rest »

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Los Angeles Marketing Firm Sued for Trademark Infringement

By Mandour & Associates, APC on May 23, 2012

domain-name-http-www-200x149 Los Angeles – Los Angeles based D and D Marketing, Inc., doing business as T3 Leads, is being sued for trademark infringement for allegedly violating a San Antonio company’s trademark by using its name on various websites designed to generate business leads for other companies. Read the rest »

Nike Sued for Trademark Infringement Over “Lottery Pick”

By Mandour & Associates, APC on May 17, 2012

LawyerCalifornia – A term synonymous with the National Basketball Association is at the center of a trademark infringement complaint against Nike. Urban Motive Sportswear has filed a lawsuit against the sportswear giant for allegedly violating its “Lottery Pick” trademark after Nike used it on a Michael Jordan jacket.
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Los Angeles Based GTX Corporation Granted Patent to Keep Autistic Children Safe

By Mandour & Associates, APC on May 16, 2012

gps-map-200x150Los Angeles – In a partnership with Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), Los Angeles-based GTX Corp. has been granted a utility patent that will focus on GPS tracking location based solutions aimed at aiding families living with autism. TACA is a non-profit organization which provides valuable information and resources to parents whose children have been diagnosed with autism.
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Nvidia and Intellectual Ventures Team Up for Patent Acquisition

By Mandour & Associates, APC on May 15, 2012

Infringed Patent Lawyer Orange County – Nvidia and Intellectual Ventures recently acquired about 500 patents related to wireless communications. The companies split the cost of the patents which were purchased from IPWireless. IPWireless’ parent company IPW Holdings was recently purchased by General Dynamics. In its agreement with Nvidia and Intellectual Ventures, IPWireless will still have “royalty-free” access to the purchased patents which include 3G/4G Long Term Evolution also known as ‘LTE’ technologies. Read the rest »

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GM Files For “Riviera” Trademark: Will We See a Comeback?

By Mandour & Associates, APC on May 14, 2012

automobile-thumb-200x134-32336 Orange County – On May 3rd General Motors filed a trademark application to secure the rights to the Riviera nameplate, which was used by Buick for almost forty years. Read the rest »