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BNA Wine Group Battles Anheuser-Busch For Airport Code Trademark

By Mandour & Associates, APC on June 29, 2012

beer-bottle-pouring-200x132Los Angeles – Last week, Anheuser-Busch announced that it filed a trademark application for BNA which is the airport code for the Nashville Airport. Anheuser-Busch filed for “BNA” along with 41 other airport codes. However, Nashville winery BNA Wine Group insists that it has superior rights to the trademark “BNA” and filed before Anheuser-Busch. The fact that two companies plan to utilize the same trademark is not necessarily a problem in itself. However, because both parties intend to name alcoholic beverages after the airport code and distribute those products in the same area, it is anticipated that problems will ensue for one or both parties. Read the rest »

Patent Awarded to Interphase For Penveu Interactive Display System

By Mandour & Associates, APC on June 27, 2012

tablet_pc-200x150 Los Angeles – Interphase announced today that it has been awarded a patent for an interactive display system that has been in development for the last year. The patent for Penvue (patent #8,217,997) covers technology that is invisible to the human eye, but visible to the product’s pen in a display stream. The science behind Penveu was designed to maximize interactivity and collaboration in classrooms and boardrooms. The product and its newly patented technology works with currently installed projectors and large screen displays. In sum, the product enhances installed projectors and larger screen displays and easily makes any flat surface into an interactive display system. Read the rest »

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Monsanto Sues Industry Giant DuPont For Patent Infringement

By Mandour & Associates, APC on June 26, 2012

California – Biotechnology and specifically the genetic engineering of seeds has become an extremely competitive industry. Environmental and population size issues have created the necessity for increased growing seasons and larger, more robust crops. Read the rest »

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Kevin Durant Sued For Trademark Infringement Over Durantula Nickname

By Mandour & Associates, APC on June 26, 2012

LawyerOrange County – Kevin Durant fans are known to refer to him as Durantula. The name became so popular that it soon began popping up on posters, pictures and even shoes. However, according to Mark Durante, the name Durantula belongs to him, and the use, regardless of how temporary, is a trademark infringement. Read the rest »

Baseball Player’s Trademark “That’s A Clown Question, Bro” Gets Filed With USPTO

By Mandour & Associates, APC on June 26, 2012

beer-bottle-pouring-thumb-200x132-40682 California – On June 12, Bryce Harper, a right fielder for the Washington Nationals, uttered the instantly popular “That’s A Clown Question, Bro” catchphrase after a game against the Toronto Blue Jays.
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Intel Buys $375 Million Worth of InterDigital Patents

By Mandour & Associates, APC on June 26, 2012

intel-chip-200x140 San Diego – Intel recently acquired 1,700 patents from InterDigital’s wireless technology intellectual property portfolio. The purchase essentially saved InterDigital as it had been rumored to closing its doors altogether. In February InterDigital had stated that it was eager to sell the bulk of its patents and it was on the lookout for a buyer. Read the rest »

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“We Buy Ugly Houses” Company Sues Competitor For Trademark Infringement

By Mandour & Associates, APC on June 25, 2012

shack-thumb-200x150-45827 Orange County – HomeVestors of America’s trademark “We Buy Ugly Houses” would appear to be unique enough to avoid any confusion with would-be competitors. Read the rest »

San Diego Based KONY 2012 Campaign Creators Threaten Lawsuit For Infringing on Trademarks

By Mandour & Associates, APC on June 25, 2012

target_aim-thumb-200x133-33997 San Diego – The creators of the now infamous KONY 2012 YouTube video seen around the world more than 90 million times has recently threatened the owners of Kickstriker.com with a lawsuit for infringing on multiple of its trademarks. Read the rest »

Apple Granted Patent Related to Maintaining Privacy Online

By Mandour & Associates, APC on June 25, 2012

Patent LawyersOrange County – Online identities are undoubtedly one of the last things people would consider in the search for cloning subjects. However, Apple has done just that, by creating and developing technology to clone online identities. To that end, the hugely popular computer, tablet, and phone manufacturer announced last week that it has been granted a patent for its online identity cloning technology. The unusual patent was created in response to consumers expressing an increased desire to protect their online identities from a deluge of information profilers. Read the rest »

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Christian Louboutin Loses Another Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Over Red-Soled Shoes

By Mandour & Associates, APC on June 20, 2012

shoes-redsoles-200x144 Los Angeles – Can a designer obtain trademark protection for a specific color used on the soles of its shoes? This question appears to be one step closer to finality after a recent decision was handed down by a French court against designer Christian Louboutin. Read the rest »