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#LedZeppelin’s #StairwaytoHeaven is not a #Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on June 27, 2016

stairwayLos Angeles – The ongoing saga of the case of copyright infringement between Led Zeppelin and the trust of Randy Wolfe has finally ended, with the jury finding that Led Zeppelin did not commit copyright infringement. After members of the band Jimmy Page and Robert Plant testified, a federal court jury decided that they did not steal part of “Taurus” when writing “Stairway to Heaven.” Read the rest »

#AxlRose claims #Copyright Infringement in Trying to Remove Unflattering Photos

By Joseph Mandour on June 9, 2016

pieOrange County – Axl Rose, the lead singer of Guns N’ Roses, is demanding that Google take down several unflattering images of him that have been used as part of an Internet meme mocking his physical appearance and weight. In 2010, a Winnipeg Free Press photographer covered a Guns N’ Roses concert, taking photos of Axl Rose. The images ran with the newspaper’s review of the concert. The photos were then seen and used by Gauntlet, a heavy metal news site, which republished the photos under the headline: “OMFG Axl Rose is fat.” Read the rest »

Justin #Bieber and #Skrillex Sued for #Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on June 3, 2016

music-sheetLos Angeles – Justin Bieber and Skrillex are fighting back against copyright infringement claims related to their multi-platinum song “Sorry.” A suit filed in Nashville federal court by singer-songwriter Casey Dienel, who performs as White Hinterland, claims that “Sorry” uses a vocal riff from her song “Ring the Bell,” which was released on her album “Baby” in 2014. Read the rest »

#LedZeppelin #Copyright Case Over “#StairwaytoHeaven” Heads to Trial

By Joseph Mandour on April 18, 2016

stairwaySan Diego – A copyright lawsuit filed by a band called Spirit against Led Zeppelin over its iconic song Stairway to Heaven will now go to trial. The trial’s focus is whether the introduction from Stairway to Heaven copied the chord sequence of Spirit’s song called “Taurus.” Read the rest »

Trump Campaign Sued for Copyright Infringement for Using Bald Eagle Photo

By Joseph Mandour on March 30, 2016

voteOrange County – Wildlife photographers Wendy Shattil and Robert Rozinski are suing Donald Trump’s campaign for copyright infringement, after one of their photos was found on merchandise for the GOP candidate. The Denver-based photographers claim their photo “Bald Eagle Portrait” has appeared on Trump campaign materials without their permission. Rozinski photographed the once-endangered bird in 1980 and after receiving honors in 1986 from the BBC, registered the image with the U.S. Copyright Office five years later. Read the rest »

#CardiffKook Surfer Statue is Center of #Copyright Lawsuit

By Joseph Mandour on February 12, 2016

waveSan Diego – The Cardiff Kook statute proudly stands near one of the most popular surf breaks in San Diego, California, where over the years it has become most famous for being the target for a variety of pranks which usually take the form of the statue being dressed in unique outfits. It addition to this ridicule, it is now the focus of a lawsuit. Read the rest »

#LeBron and #Kobe Tattoos Lead to #Copyright Lawsuit over #NBA2K16 Videogame

By Joseph Mandour on February 5, 2016

tattooLos Angeles – The tattoos of NBA stars such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are the focus of a copyright lawsuit filed by Solid Oak Sketches, a company that owns the copyright of those tattoos featured on the NBA 2K16 videogame. Solid Oak Sketches argues that Take-Two Software, the creator of the video game, reproduced the tattoo designs without authorization. The NBA players who have the tattoos themselves are not involved in the lawsuit. Read the rest »

Monkey Loses Copyright Case Over Selfie

By Joseph Mandour on January 15, 2016

monkeyLos Angeles – Naruto, the famous macaque monkey behind the monkey selfie, just lost a court case. The not-for-profit organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals’ (PETA) filed the lawsuit back in September on behalf of Naruto and the other macaques living on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi on a reserve. Read the rest »

“Happy Birthday” Copyright Ruled Invalid

By Joseph Mandour on October 8, 2015

birthdayLos Angeles – The world’s most popular English language song, “Happy Birthday,” is now fully in the public domain if a recent federal judge’s ruling stands. This issue came to court in 2013 when Good Morning to You Productions Corp. filed a class action lawsuit against Warner/Chappell Music, arguing its copyright for the song was invalid. Read the rest »

Warner Music “Happy Birthday” Copyright Lawsuit Heating Up

By Joseph Mandour on August 7, 2015

birthdayLos Angeles – The copyright struggle over the rights to the most recognized song in the English language is back making news again. Good Morning to You Productions Corp. is the lead plaintiff in a class action lawsuit against Warner Music Group which seeks declaratory relief that the song “Happy Birthday” is in the public domain. Last week the parties were back in court fighting plaintiffs’ request for a judgment which claims that a copyright for the song may never have been valid in the first place. Read the rest »