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Aereo Loses Supreme Court Copyright Battle to Networks’ Delight

By Joseph Mandour on July 8, 2014

cableOrange County – The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that Aereo TV service, the start-up tech firm that distributes local television signals over the Internet, is a copyright infringement. The case, ABC v. Aereo, which has generated much controversy, culminated in a 6-3 decision this week will also mark the end of this small company. Aereo launched about two years ago as the cheaper option for consumers who are paying high prices for cable and satellite television. Read the rest »

Beastie Boys Win $1.7 Million in Copyright Infringement Case Against Monster

By Joseph Mandour on June 11, 2014

HeadphonesSan Diego – The Beastie Boys recently prevailed in the copyright infringement case filed against Monster Beverage Corp for using the band’s songs in an online video without permission. The case was filed in Manhattan. Read the rest »

Spotify and Ministry of Sound Set to Clash Over Copyrights for Dance Music Compilations

By Joseph Mandour on September 6, 2013


Los Angeles – London-based Ministry of Sound Group Ltd. has commenced a lawsuit against streaming music service Spotify, alleging copyright infringement of its successful dance music albums.   The complaint alleges that without authorization Spotify has been allowing its users to stream playlists that replicate its own compilations of popular dance tracks.   Ministry of Sound, which owns a famous dance club and routinely rolls out themed compilations, is not arguing that Spotify should not be allowed to let users access the songs themselves.   Rather, MoS, as it is often termed by club-goers, hinges its sole infringement allegation on Spotify allowing users to replicate the “playlists”, or order of songs, featured on its dance compilation albums. Read the rest »

Robin Thicke Facing Claims of Blurring Lines of Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on August 21, 2013

music-concertLos Angeles – Crooner Robin Thicke filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Los Angeles on Thursday, asking a judge to find that his hit single “Blurred Lines” does not infringe the copyrights held for Marvin Gaye and George Clinton’s most iconic music. Read the rest »

Filmmaker Files Lawsuit to Cancel Copyright for “Happy Birthday” Song

By Joseph Mandour on June 21, 2013

happy-birthday Los Angeles – The copyright for the song, “Happy Birthday to You” came under fire in federal court last week when filmmaker Jennifer Nelson filed a lawsuit to cancel the copyright.  The lawsuit, brought in New York federal court in Manhattan, seeks to place the infamous birthday song in the public domain and force the copyright holder to return the licensing fees paid for use in the past four years. Read the rest »

Appeals Court Agrees: Aereo’s TV Streaming Service is Not a Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on April 8, 2013


Los Angeles – A 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals Judge affirmed an earlier decision allowing Aereo to stream live local programming to its customers via internet and its app.  The lawsuit was brought against Aereo last year by three of the major broadcasting networks, including ABC, CBS, NBC, and Telemundo and PBS.  The networks sought an injunction to prevent Aereo from transmitting the television shows, believing Aereo would need a license to continue its services. Read the rest »

Penguin’s Copyright Claims Dismissed over Rival’s Miniscule Profits

By Joseph Mandour on March 15, 2013

books Los Angeles – A New York federal judge dismissed Penguin Group USA, Inc.’s copyright infringement lawsuit against a small online library based out of Arizona that posted Penguin’s books online without authorization, saying that the online library’s profits were not sufficient for the court to have jurisdiction over the case. Read the rest »

Major ISPs Agree to Six Strikes Anti-Piracy Copyright Policy

By Joseph Mandour on March 4, 2013

download Los Angeles – The film, television and movie industries launched a new program on Tuesday intended to help combat online piracy, but critics say the program will do more harm than good. Read the rest »

Fox and Dish Network Debate over DVR Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on January 25, 2013

Los Angeles – Dish Network Corp. said in its brief to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that Fox Broadcasting Co. does not provide enough evidence that Dish Network is infringing Fox’s copyrights or breaching contracts between the companies by providing consumers with ad-skipping digital videos recorders. Read the rest »

Twitter Does Not Give News Services Copyright License to Lift Photos

By Joseph Mandour on January 17, 2013

twitter Los Angeles – News services The Washington Post Co. and Agence France Presse were found by a New York federal judge to have infringed a photojournalist’s copyrights when they published photos lifted from the photographer’s Twitter page. Read the rest »