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YouTube Tweaks Content ID Copyright Enforcement System

By Joseph Mandour on October 5, 2012

youtube Los Angeles – YouTube LLC said Wednesday it is streamlining its Content ID copyright infringement detection and blocking system, with efforts to improve the appeals process, detection of unintentional claims and the matching technology that identifies copyrighted content. Read the rest »

Google, Publishers Settle Book-Scanning Copyright Lawsuit

By Joseph Mandour on October 4, 2012

book-stackLos Angeles – Google Inc. and the Association of American Publishers said Thursday that they have struck a deal to resolve the publishers’ long-running copyright infringement case against the web giant over its book scanning and digitization project. Read the rest »

Record Label Says Kanye West Violated Copyright By Sampling Eddie Bo

By Joseph Mandour on October 4, 2012

microphone Los Angeles – A record label accused hip hop star Kanye West on Friday of copyright infringement over his sampling of the Eddie Bo song “Hook & Sling” for several of his own works, saying West and his labels went beyond the terms of their initial licensing deal for the sample. Read the rest »

Puzo Estate Can’t Nix “Godfather” Copyright Contract With Paramount

By Joseph Mandour on September 28, 2012

book-stack Los Angeles – A Manhattan federal judge on Wednesday ruled that the estate of author Mario Puzo cannot get out of a 1969 contract granting Paramount Pictures Corp. the copyrights to Puzo’s “Godfather” novels. Read the rest »

“Innocence Of Muslims” Actress Sues Google, YouTube For Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on September 27, 2012

mosque Los Angeles – An actress prominently featured in “Innocence of Muslims,” the anti-Muslim video disparaging Muhammad that set off violent protests worldwide, sued Google Inc. and YouTube LLC in Los Angeles federal court Wednesday, alleging copyright infringement in relation to their refusal to take down the video. Read the rest »

Disney Beats “Santa Paws” Copyright Infringement Claims

By Joseph Mandour on September 21, 2012

disney Los Angeles – A Missouri federal judge on Thursday threw out a copyright infringement suit alleging Disney Enterprises Inc.’s “Santa Paws” movies ripped off an early 1990s illustrated children’s Christmas story of the same name. Read the rest »

Eighth Circuit Upholds $200K+ Kazaa File-Sharing Copyright Infringement Damages

By Joseph Mandour on September 12, 2012

sony Los Angeles — The Eighth Circuit on Tuesday ruled that a Minnesota woman deserved the $222,000 in damages a jury handed down for making 24 songs available for download through the file-sharing service Kazaa in a copyright infringement suit brought by major record labels including Sony BMG, Capitol Records, Warner Bros. and UMG. Read the rest »

Grooveshark Faces Another EMI Copyright Infringement Suit

By Joseph Mandour on September 7, 2012

grooveshark Los Angeles — Grooveshark was slapped with yet another copyright infringement lawsuit last week at the hands of major record label conglomerate EMI Music, which is alleging that the online music streaming service failed to come up with required licensing payments and sales records. Read the rest »

Angelina Jolie Fights Author’s Copyright Claims For Bosnian War Movie

By Joseph Mandour on September 6, 2012

movie-symbol Los Angeles — Actress Angelina Jolie struck back at an author alleging she ripped off his book about the Bosnian civil war in the 1990s for her film In The Land Of Blood And Honey, her first effort as a director, saying the two works had nothing to do with each other. Read the rest »

Textbook Publishers Settle Series Of Counterfeit Book Copyright, Trademark Suits

By Joseph Mandour on September 5, 2012

books Los Angeles — Education publishing companies Cengage Learning Inc., John Wiley and Sons Inc., Pearson Education Inc. and McGraw-Hill Education said Tuesday they had settled five separate lawsuits involving copyright and trademark infringement claims against companies relating to the sale of counterfeit textbooks. Read the rest »