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BitTorrent Users Being Monitored En Masse For Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on September 4, 2012

pirate Los Angeles – A group of researchers on Tuesday revealed the massive extent to which users of the popular file-sharing protocol BitTorrent are monitored by copyright enforcement authorities, who they said register illegal downloads within hours of their occurrence, focusing almost exclusively on the most popular music and movies. Read the rest »

Michael Jackson Estate Settles Copyright Suit For $2.5M

By Joseph Mandour on September 4, 2012

dancing Los Angeles – The estate of the late pop star Michael Jackson struck a $2.5 million settlement deal Tuesday with a businessman working for Jackson’s mother, who the estate accused of operating a website that violated the estate’s copyrights by featuring Jackson’s likeness, lyrics, unreleased songs and other copyrighted assets without authorization. Read the rest »

U.S. Shuts Down Copyright Pirated Android Mobile App Sites

By Joseph Mandour on August 29, 2012

applications Los Angeles – The U.S. government on Tuesday carried out seizure orders against three websites that allegedly operated as marketplaces for pirated versions of copyrighted mobile applications for Google Inc.’s Android open source mobile operating system. Read the rest »

NinjaVideo Founders Plead Guilty to Copyright Infringement, Await Sentencing

By Joseph Mandour on October 19, 2011

jail Los Angeles – Law enforcement agencies shut down NinjaVideo, a popular Internet file sharing site, in a recent crackdown on online infringement. The site enabled millions of users to illegally download high-quality copies of movies and television programs.
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Copyright Theft Accounts for Large Percentage of Internet Use

By Joseph Mandour on February 9, 2011

download Los Angeles – According to a recent study by NBC, piracy makes up about 25 percent of global internet traffic. Read the rest »

Righthaven Gives No Warning to Copyright Infringers

By Joseph Mandour on January 31, 2011

no-camera Los Angeles – Righthaven LLC, a controversial “technology company” which sues unsuspecting websites for copyright infringement of its clients’ newspaper articles and photographs, is now targeting The Drudge Report over use of a photo. In addition to suing for monetary damages, Righthaven is reportedly also going after control of The Drudge Report’s domain. Read the rest »

Indie Filmmakers Take Action Against Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on January 25, 2011

movie-theater Los Angeles – In the ongoing battle to protect their movies from being illegally downloaded, independent film companies are pulling out the big guns…they are suing persons downloading the illegal movies for copyright infringement. Read the rest »

New York Ad Campaign: Copyright Infringement Causes Lost Jobs

By Joseph Mandour on January 5, 2011

www-internet Los Angeles – New York City will launch a city-wide advertising campaign to chip away at the consciences of file-sharers.  The message: Downloading movies and music without paying for them is a job-killer for the city.  The publicly-funded anti-piracy campaign will be seen on taxicabs, busses, in movie cinemas, and on the web. Read the rest »