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Crocs Denied Patent for Plastic Shoe Design

By Joseph Mandour on August 17, 2017

Orange County – Crocs, the footwear company based out of Colorado, appears to be losing any hope to achieving a design patent on its well-known plastic shoes. It has taken 10 years for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to officially reject Crocs’ design patent application. Crocs’ patent had been rejected twice before but Crocs has now received a third rejection. Read the rest »

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Mississippi Business Man Files Trademark for “N” word

By Joseph Mandour on August 9, 2017

Los Angeles – In June 2017, a Mississippi business owner, Curtis Bordenave, filed a trademark application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for use of a racial slur—the “N” word. The goal behind the trademark filing is not to be offensive, but to change people’s perception and the meaning of the word. Read the rest »

Pierogi Fest Trademark Battle Heats Up

By Joseph Mandour on August 3, 2017

San Diego – A pierogi is a delicious savory dumpling part of Polish heritage. It’s also the center of a trademark dispute between a Chamber of Commerce and Hometown committee separated by 700 miles in Pennsylvania. Read the rest »

Kroger’s Trademark Injunction Request Against Lidl Is Denied

By Joseph Mandour on July 27, 2017

Los Angeles – The Private Selection versus Preferred Selection trademark battle between grocery giants Kroger and Lidl will proceed, as a federal judge in Richmond Virginia has denied Kroger’s preliminary injunction request. Read the rest »

Amazon’s Meal Kit Trademark filing Negatively Impacts Blue Apron

By Joseph Mandour on July 20, 2017

Orange County – In the latest Amazon empire expansion, on July 6, 2017 the company filed a trademark application for meal kits. The trademark application is for “We do the prep. You be the chef.” and is for a convenient service whereby frozen and prepared kits including meat, vegetables, pasta, etc. are delivered to your door. The trademark also covers a loyalty rewards program offering points and coupons for loyal customers. This potential service is great news, unless you are Blue Apron. Read the rest »

Nike Opposes Rob Gronkowski’s Trademark Application

By Joseph Mandour on July 12, 2017

San Diego – Last year New England Patriot TE Rob Gronkowski’s company, Gronk Nation L.L.C, filed a trademark application of a silhouette of the NFL star doing his signature “end zone spike.” In response, Nike has filed a formal opposition with the US Patent and Trademark Office Trial and Appeal Board requesting that Gronk’s application be denied. Read the rest »

Forever 21 Sues Gucci, Attempts to Have Trademarks Cancelled

By Joseph Mandour on July 6, 2017

Los Angeles – Los Angeles based fast-fashion company Forever 21, filed a lawsuit against the internationally famous Italian design house Gucci last week. This lawsuit is the latest development in a series of lawsuits by and against Forever 21. Read the rest »

The Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Banning Offensive Trademarks

By Joseph Mandour on June 27, 2017

Orange County – The United States Supreme court has ruled in favor of an Asian American rock band who were refused by the trademark office when they applied to trademark their band name the Slants. In their decision, SCOTUS unanimously struck down part of a 71-year-old law that banned “disparaging” terms from being trademarked. According to the court ruling, the law that had banned offensive trademarks infringed on free speech rights, which are guaranteed by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Read the rest »

Over 30 Trademark Applications Have Been Filed for Trump “Covfefe” Typo

By Joseph Mandour on June 23, 2017

San Diego – On May 31st, 2017, at 12:06am, President Donald Trump tweeted, “Despite the constant negative press covfefe.” Very quickly thereafter, Covfefe went viral on social media. In the subsequent weeks, the word Covfefe has become a cultural phenomenon. It has been at the center of much debate and speculation, as people try to decide what happened during the President’s tweet. Read the rest »

TiVo Wins a Preliminary Patent Ruling in the ITC Against #Comcast

By Joseph Mandour on June 16, 2017

TiVo and Rovi (which purchased TiVo for $1.1 billion dollars last year) won an initial patent ruling in the International Trade Commission against Comcast. In the complaint against Comcast, TiVo claimed that Comcast had violated six patents. The ruling finds that Comcast, and its hardware partners Arris and Technicolor, had violated two patents held by TiVo. Read the rest »

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