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Conan O’Brien “Joke” Copyright Infringement Lawsuit Proceeds to Trial

By Joseph Mandour on May 18, 2017

Los Angeles – Late night television host Conan O’Brien, his writing staff, and Time Warner apparently will have to defend themselves at trial in federal civil court in the coming months. The popular television show “Conan” has been accused of stealing three jokes from a blog. Read the rest »

Eminem Sues New Zealand Governing Body for Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on May 10, 2017

San Diego – United States rap star, Eminem, is suing the current New Zealand ruling political party for copyright infringement. The dispute is over a campaign ad that the conservative National Party ran during the country’s 2014 election. Read the rest »

Faraday Bicycles Sues Faraday&Future Electric Car Company for Trademark Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on May 2, 2017

Los Angeles – Faraday Bicycles, Inc. is suing a Los Angeles, California based electric car startup company, Faraday&Future Inc., over alleged trademark infringement. The lawsuit was filed in the Northern district of California last week. This is the latest development in nearly a year and a half of conflict over the trademark. Read the rest »

KFC Files Lawsuit to Protect Finger Lickin’ Good Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on April 19, 2017

San Diego – Two years ago, Brain Mastrosimone bought 70 acres of land along Canadaigua Lake in New York. Canadaigua Lake is just one of many lakes in upstate New York collectively known as the Finger Lakes. Mastrosimone’s plan is to develop the property with a little bit of every type of business he can think of. His plans for development include a brew hub, pavilion, and even a sunflower patch. He has even developed a slogan for the family owned business, “Finger Lakin’ Good.” Read the rest »

Mexican Restaurants Battle Over “Damn Good Tacos” Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on April 13, 2017

Orange County – A Fort Collins, Colorado based Mexican restaurant named Dam Good Tacos is being sued for trademark infringement by a Texas restaurant chain named Torchy’s Tacos. Torchy’s Tacos claims that Dam Good Tacos is confusing customers by using a name that is identical to its Damn Good Tacos tagline. Read the rest »

Jimmy Buffett Wins Trademark Dispute Over Marijuanaville

By Joseph Mandour on April 6, 2017

San Diego – Jimmy Buffett and his Margaritaville brand empire recently won another trademark dispute. This time, the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled against Colorado based entrepreneur, Rachel Bevis, who was attempting to register “Marijuanaville” for her cannabis based retail products and clothing store. The judge ruled that both trademarks leave a similar impression of “a chemically induced mental paradise.” Read the rest »

Dan Akroyd and Crystal Head Vodka Win Trade Dress Infringement Case

By Joseph Mandour on March 31, 2017

Los Angeles – A Los Angeles California federal jury found in favor of Dan Akroyd’s Skull Vodka Co, Crystal Head, on Wednesday morning. The decision finds rival distilled spirits company, Elements, guilty of trade dress infringement. Both companies sell alcohol in skull shaped bottles. Read the rest »

Costco and Titleist Tangle Over Golf Ball Patents

By Joseph Mandour on March 23, 2017

San Diego – Costco is preemptively suing Acushnet Holdings, maker of the popular Titleist golf ball. Costco is seeking a judge’s ruling that Costco’s brand new line of Kirkland Signature golf balls do not violate any of Acushnet’s patents. Read the rest »

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Meowington Trademark Fight Escalates

By Joseph Mandour on March 17, 2017

Los Angeles – A Florida based entrepreneur is now suing professional entertainer Joel Zimmerman, better known by his stage name Deadmou5, in federal court over a cat name. The dispute began when Zimmerman filed a Petition to Cancel against Emma Bassiri’s Meowington trademark in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Read the rest »

Google’s Waymo Files Patent and Trade Secret Lawsuit Against Uber

By Joseph Mandour on March 9, 2017

San Diego – In 2009, Google began to design self-driving cars. Since that time, the project, known as Waymo, has been an industry leader in the area and has helped Google acquire thousands of patents in nearly every aspect of autonomous driving technology. Read the rest »

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