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Costco and Titleist Tangle Over Golf Ball Patents

By Joseph Mandour on March 23, 2017

San Diego – Costco is preemptively suing Acushnet Holdings, maker of the popular Titleist golf ball. Costco is seeking a judge’s ruling that Costco’s brand new line of Kirkland Signature golf balls do not violate any of Acushnet’s patents. Read the rest »

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Meowington Trademark Fight Escalates

By Joseph Mandour on March 17, 2017

Los Angeles – A Florida based entrepreneur is now suing professional entertainer Joel Zimmerman, better known by his stage name Deadmou5, in federal court over a cat name. The dispute began when Zimmerman filed a Petition to Cancel against Emma Bassiri’s Meowington trademark in the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Read the rest »

Google’s Waymo Files Patent and Trade Secret Lawsuit Against Uber

By Joseph Mandour on March 9, 2017

San Diego – In 2009, Google began to design self-driving cars. Since that time, the project, known as Waymo, has been an industry leader in the area and has helped Google acquire thousands of patents in nearly every aspect of autonomous driving technology. Read the rest »

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Kobe Bryant Files Opposition Over “Black Mamba” Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on March 2, 2017

Los Angeles – Former Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant’s nickname, the “Black Mamba”, has landed him in a legal battle to defend the right to use the nickname. Bryant and a California based online retail company named 47 / 72 Inc. have filed trademark applications for variations of “Black Mamba.” Read the rest »

Trump Trademark Victory in China Sparks Ethics Questions

By Joseph Mandour on February 23, 2017

Orange County – Last week, China’s trademark review board awarded President Trump and his organization a trademark that Trump had been seeking for nearly a decade. Namely, the Trump organization has been awarded trademark protection for the use of the Trump name in the construction industry. China’s action, coupled with Trump’s decision to place his assets in a trust run by his adult sons, has sparked an ethical predicament that is drawing sharp debate. Read the rest »

Tesla and Adidas Tangle Over 3 Stripe Design

By Joseph Mandour on February 16, 2017

Los Angeles – Tesla’s design for its Model 3 vehicle logo received a rebrand around the same time Adidas filed a notice of opposition of one of its pending trademark applications, causing some to speculate Tesla’s changes were made in hopes of avoiding a trademark battle between the two companies. Read the rest »

Former NFL Player Sues Under Armour For Trademark Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on February 8, 2017

San Diego – Former National Football League and University of Maryland star Shawne Merriman, along with his company Lights Out Holdings, filed a lawsuit against sportswear company Under Armour over the trademarked phrase “Lights Out.” Read the rest »

Trump Files Trademark for “Keep America Great” Re-election Slogan

By Joseph Mandour on February 2, 2017

Orange County – Days before taking the oath of office, Donald Trump filed a trademark application for the “Keep America Great” slogan for his re-election campaign. The slogan is intended to build off the 2016 slogan: “Make America Great Again.” This phrase, and particularly the baseball caps printed with the phrase, were central to Trump’s election. Read the rest »

LA Chargers Trademark Application Opposed by LA Gear

By Joseph Mandour on January 27, 2017

Los Angeles – The former San Diego Chargers recently announced that they are moving and will become the Los Angeles Chargers. However, the company owning the team, the Chargers Football Company LLC, has run into some trouble getting a trademark for “LA Chargers”. Read the rest »

Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures Seek Patent for Sensor-Filled Helmet

By Joseph Mandour on January 16, 2017

San Diego – Bill Gates and 20 other inventors filed a patent for a high-technology football helmet equipped with sensors and a processing circuit. The goal of the helmet is to try to minimize the head trauma injuries that are plaguing the football world. Read the rest »

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