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Donald Trump Jr. Tweets a Skittles Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on October 6, 2016

candy-skittlesOrange County – Donald Trump Jr., son of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, recently posted a controversial Tweet. The image is a white bowl full of rainbow-colored Skittles. The text in the photo says, “If I had a bowl of skittles and I told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful? That’s our Syrian refugee problem.” Read the rest »

Father Sues for Copyright Infringement After Live-Streaming Baby’s Birth

By Joseph Mandour on September 29, 2016

baby-toesSan Diego – It seems each day more people are willing to share ever more personal things on the Internet. Along these lines, in May of this year Kali Kanongataa a California resident used Facebook to live stream his wife giving birth. After portions the live stream ended up on television and publicized on the Internet, he sued ABC and Yahoo for allegedly infringing his copyright by displaying the video. Read the rest »

#Walmart Seeks #Patent for Robo-Shopping Cart

By Joseph Mandour on September 19, 2016

shopping-cartsOrange County – Advancements in technology today continue to soar to new levels. Walmart has filed for a patent that would bring consumers a whole new experience at the grocery store. The patent is for “a robotic device that would create self-driving shopping carts, giving customers free hands while they shop.” Read the rest »

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#GrumpyCat Sues Grenade Beverage for #Copyright Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on September 9, 2016

cat-lickingLos Angeles – The owners of internet sensation “Grumpy Cat” filed a lawsuit against coffee maker Grenade Beverage. The lawsuit claims that Grenade exceeded the bounds of a 2013 license agreement when it made Grumpy Cat Roasted Coffee and Grumppuccino branded t-shirts. The license only specifically provided for use of the famous cat name for its Grumppuccino iced drink. Read the rest »

#Apple #Patent Will Deter Theft of Devices by Taking Photos, Videos and Fingerprints

By Joseph Mandour on August 31, 2016

fingerLos Angeles – Stolen Apple devices, such as iPhones or tables, may soon record and send identifying information about the thief to the device’s owner, aiding law enforcement in the identification and prosecution of thieves. This capability is discussed in a patent filed by Apple and published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office titled “biometric capture for unauthorized user identification.” Read the rest »

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#ProctorandGamble Files #Patent Infringement Lawsuit Versus #Shaving Rival

By Joseph Mandour on August 26, 2016

shaverOrange County – Proctor and Gamble (P&G) filed a lawsuit through its subsidiary The Gillette Company against Edgewell Personal Care Co., which produces Schick brand razors and Edge shave gels. The lawsuit claims Edgewell engaged in false advertising, unfair competition, patent infringement, and deceptive acts and practices. Read the rest »

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Statutory Copyright Damages Not Available in Lebron James Tattoo Lawsuit

By Joseph Mandour on August 18, 2016

tattooSan Diego – Tattoo artists seeking damages over the use of NBA player tattoos in a video game, were dealt a blow recently when a federal judge dismissed the claim for statutory damages. The tattoo artist company Solid Oak Sketches designed tattoos for several NBA stars and registered the copyright for eight of them in 2015. These tattoos were implemented into player design in video games created by 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive Software, beginning in 2013 with its game NBA 2K14. Read the rest »

Tasty #Burger Chain Claims #Chipotle Has Infringed its #Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on August 12, 2016

cheeseburgerOrange County – Chipotle’s announcement about opening a new burger chain this fall with sustainable ingredients and beef raised free from hormones and antibiotics was met with critics. Their beef? A competitor is claiming trademark infringement. Read the rest »

#PETA Files Appeal in #Monkey #Selfie Case

By Joseph Mandour on August 4, 2016

monkeyLos Angeles – The legal saga over a monkey selfie continues. After a judge ruled against PETA (“People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”) in its copyright case, the animal rights group has recently filed an appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Read the rest »

Rapper Changes Name After #Burberry Files #Trademark Lawsuit

By Joseph Mandour on July 29, 2016

scarfLos Angeles – After months of cease and desist requests, Burberry filed a trademark infringement and dilution lawsuit against rapper and producer Perry Moise. Burberry, an English luxury fashion brand founded in 1853, took issue with the rapper using the Burberry trademark as the rapper’s stage name. Read the rest »