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#LedZeppelin #Copyright Case Over “#StairwaytoHeaven” Heads to Trial

By Joseph Mandour on April 18, 2016

stairwaySan Diego – A copyright lawsuit filed by a band called Spirit against Led Zeppelin over its iconic song Stairway to Heaven will now go to trial. The trial’s focus is whether the introduction from Stairway to Heaven copied the chord sequence of Spirit’s song called “Taurus.” Read the rest »

#Deadmau5 Sues #Vape Company for #Trademark Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on April 7, 2016

mouseLos Angeles – Electronic dance music star deadmau5 (pronounced “dead mouse”) is suing executives of an e-cigarette company for alleged trademark infringement. The DJ, whose real name is Joel Zimmerman, filed a federal lawsuit in California on March 31, 2016 saying West Coast Vape Supply is intentionally infringing on his deadmau5 trademark. Read the rest »

Trump Campaign Sued for Copyright Infringement for Using Bald Eagle Photo

By Joseph Mandour on March 30, 2016

voteOrange County – Wildlife photographers Wendy Shattil and Robert Rozinski are suing Donald Trump’s campaign for copyright infringement, after one of their photos was found on merchandise for the GOP candidate. The Denver-based photographers claim their photo “Bald Eagle Portrait” has appeared on Trump campaign materials without their permission. Rozinski photographed the once-endangered bird in 1980 and after receiving honors in 1986 from the BBC, registered the image with the U.S. Copyright Office five years later. Read the rest »

U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Patent Case Between Apple and Samsung

By Joseph Mandour on March 24, 2016

apple-storeOrange County – It seems as though the battle between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. has been going on forever. The two companies have been involved in quite a few legal battles, yet the patent case that dates back to 2011 is the highest profile case yet. The case goes something like this: Apple sued Samsung accusing it of copying the designs of its phones. The design patents include the rectangular and curved phone body, and the phone’s grid of sixteen colorful icons that appear on the screen. Read the rest »

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#GreatHarvest Files #Trademark Lawsuit Against #Panera Over Slogan

By Joseph Mandour on March 17, 2016

breadSan Diego – Great Harvest Bread Company has filed a trademark lawsuit, alleging that Panera Bread’s new advertising campaign slogan is confusingly similar to Great Harvest’s corporate slogan. Read the rest »

Kylie Minogue Opposes #Kylie Jenner’s Attempt to #Trademark “Kylie”

By Joseph Mandour on March 9, 2016

musicLos Angeles – Two famous entertainers are beginning to battle over the trademark rights to the name “Kylie.” Reality TV star Kylie Jenner filed trademark applications for the name in May 2015, which Australian pop-star Kylie Minogue formally opposed in late February 2016. Read the rest »

#TexasA&M and #Colts Reach Settlement in #12thMan #Trademark Dispute

By Joseph Mandour on February 25, 2016

football1Orange County – As part of the settlement in the trademark lawsuit brought by Texas A&M University against the Indianapolis Colts, the Colts will no longer use the phrase “12th Man”. The phase, trademarked by Texas A&M University, was being used by the Colts without compensation or permission. Read the rest »

#Burberry Sues #JCPenney over #Trademark Pattern

By Joseph Mandour on February 19, 2016

scarfLos Angeles – The British luxury fashion brand Burberry recently filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against American retailer J.C. Penney over its well-known “Burberry check” pattern. Burberry got the trademark to the check design in the 1920s, and has used it on numerous products since acquiring the trademark. Burberry claims that the checked pattern has become famous and generally designates the source of its products. Read the rest »

#CardiffKook Surfer Statue is Center of #Copyright Lawsuit

By Joseph Mandour on February 12, 2016

waveSan Diego – The Cardiff Kook statute proudly stands near one of the most popular surf breaks in San Diego, California, where over the years it has become most famous for being the target for a variety of pranks which usually take the form of the statue being dressed in unique outfits. It addition to this ridicule, it is now the focus of a lawsuit. Read the rest »

#LeBron and #Kobe Tattoos Lead to #Copyright Lawsuit over #NBA2K16 Videogame

By Joseph Mandour on February 5, 2016

tattooLos Angeles – The tattoos of NBA stars such as LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are the focus of a copyright lawsuit filed by Solid Oak Sketches, a company that owns the copyright of those tattoos featured on the NBA 2K16 videogame. Solid Oak Sketches argues that Take-Two Software, the creator of the video game, reproduced the tattoo designs without authorization. The NBA players who have the tattoos themselves are not involved in the lawsuit. Read the rest »