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Facebook Adds on to Real Time Search Patent

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 24, 2013

Patent LitigationOrange County – Last week, Facebook beefed up one of its pending patents that has to do with the way that it catalogs users’ posts.  The original patent, first filed back in April of this year, concerns the “Real Time Content Searching In Social Network.”  The new additions to this patent explain how the social media giant plans to implement new technology for indexing and retrieving users’ Facebook posts. Read the rest »

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Hallmark Smacked with Trademark Lawsuit Just in Time for Holiday Season

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 19, 2013

Trademark InfringementLos Angeles – With companies beginning to gear up for the all important holiday season, it looks like one of the nation’s biggest holiday-themed retailers will have to put on its boxing gloves. Hallmark Cards, Inc., which is based in Kansas, was hit with a lawsuit last week for its upcoming line of holiday products called “North Pole City.”  A company of the same name from Oklahoma City is claiming trademark infringement against the greeting card kingpin. Read the rest »

New Patent Battle Marks A New Chapter in Apple vs. Google Lawsuit Saga

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 18, 2013

Patent DisputeLos Angeles – Apple and Google are back in court, this time to argue over whether a judge should reopen a case over patented technology featured in their smartphones.   The latest in the blow by blow between the two companies happened last week when Motorola Mobility, Inc., a subsidiary of Google, Inc. filed an appeal that an older case be reopened.   The original lawsuit, filed in 2010, quickly snowballed into a tangle with each company claiming that the other had infringed the other’s patents by including certain technology in their respective smartphones.   Notably, Motorola charged that Apple had infringed one of its most basic essential patents that functions to make the phone power on.

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Path throws a Punch at Pinterest over “P” Trademark

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 16, 2013

California Trademark LawOrange County – The fight is on for the letter P!  Back in 2012, Pinterest, Inc. filed a U.S. Trademark Application for its “P” logo , which is featured as the design on its app icon.  Everything seemed to be going fine for Pinterest as the Trademark Application was approved by the USPTO and the Application published for Opposition this past July.  Then in August, the owners of Path, Inc.,  a competing social networking company, filed a request for an extension of time to file an opposition with the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB). Read the rest »

Apple’s Fingerprint Technology Patent Comes to Life in New iPhone 5s

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 13, 2013

California Intellectual Property LawOrange County – By all accounts, Apple’s recent Keynote did not disappoint the millions who watched.   Among the chief developments from the Cupertino-based tech giant’s reveal, the next batch of iPhones will have two models, the iPhone 5c and the iPhone 5s.   Equally buzzworthy is that the more expensive 5s will introduce Apple followers to the company’s new fingerprint scanner, the technology for which was uncovered as the subject of a patent filed in the US in 2012. Read the rest »

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TTAB Rules that Washington D.C. Can’t Claim “Mumbo Sauce” Trademark

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 11, 2013

California Trademark LawLos Angeles – As Washington D.C. foodies are well aware, “Mumbo sauce,” is a deliciously versatile condiment that has been slathered on everything from french fries to chicken wings to Chinese food for years in the City.   However, after a recent ruling by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), D.C. based sauce enthusiasts were dealt a major blow as a Chicago company was found to have legal ownership of the trademark. Read the rest »

Apple Wins Patent Protection for “Kids’ Mode” on iPad and iPhone

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 10, 2013

Los Angeles – After  years of parents calling for Apple to come up with a kid-friendly user profile for its best selling devices such as the iPad and iPhone, it appears that the tech giant has finally given in.   Obtaining patent protection last week for what it describes as, “Method, apparatus and system for access mode control of a device”, Apple seems to be exploring ways for users to limit device access to kids.

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Spotify and Ministry of Sound Set to Clash Over Copyrights for Dance Music Compilations

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 6, 2013


Los Angeles – London-based Ministry of Sound Group Ltd. has commenced a lawsuit against streaming music service Spotify, alleging copyright infringement of its successful dance music albums.   The complaint alleges that without authorization Spotify has been allowing its users to stream playlists that replicate its own compilations of popular dance tracks.   Ministry of Sound, which owns a famous dance club and routinely rolls out themed compilations, is not arguing that Spotify should not be allowed to let users access the songs themselves.   Rather, MoS, as it is often termed by club-goers, hinges its sole infringement allegation on Spotify allowing users to replicate the “playlists”, or order of songs, featured on its dance compilation albums. Read the rest »

Jay Z’s Clothing Line Sued for Allegedly Knocking Off “Hood Love” Trademark

By Mandour & Associates, APC on September 4, 2013

California Trademark LawOrange County – Rap artist turned business mogul Shawn Carter, known widely as Jay Z, has had a lawsuit thrown at his popular clothing company, ROC Apparel Group,  for alleged trademark infringement.  The company that filed suit, HoodLove LLC, alleges that a T-shirt featured in the Rocawear clothing line improperly displays its own “Hood Love” trademark. Read the rest »

New Patent Protects 3D User Control for Apple Devices

By Mandour & Associates, APC on August 30, 2013

California Patent LawOrange County – The USPTO has published a patent for Apple, Inc.’s innovative means for user control of Apple products, such as the iPad and iPhone.  The new technology, which was assigned U.S. Patent No. 8,514,221, and is titled “Working with 3D objects,” allows users to control their devices by making movements with their hands in the three-dimensional planes above their Apple products. Read the rest »

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