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Crocs Denied Patent for Plastic Shoe Design

By Joseph Mandour on August 17, 2017

Orange County – Crocs, the footwear company based out of Colorado, appears to be losing any hope to achieving a design patent on its well-known plastic shoes. It has taken 10 years for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to officially reject Crocs’ design patent application. Crocs’ patent had been rejected twice before but Crocs has now received a third rejection. Read the rest »

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TiVo Wins a Preliminary Patent Ruling in the ITC Against #Comcast

By Joseph Mandour on June 16, 2017

TiVo and Rovi (which purchased TiVo for $1.1 billion dollars last year) won an initial patent ruling in the International Trade Commission against Comcast. In the complaint against Comcast, TiVo claimed that Comcast had violated six patents. The ruling finds that Comcast, and its hardware partners Arris and Technicolor, had violated two patents held by TiVo. Read the rest »

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Schutt Sports Sues Riddell Over Football Helmet Patent Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on June 2, 2017

Orange County – On May 18th 2017, Kranos Corp, operating as Schutt Sports, filed a lawsuit against Riddell Inc. for patent infringement. The two companies are market rivals in the football helmet design and manufacturing industry. Schutt Sports claims that Riddell has infringed three different helmet designs. Schutt is seeking an injunction as well as an undisclosed amount in damages. Read the rest »

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Costco and Titleist Tangle Over Golf Ball Patents

By Joseph Mandour on March 23, 2017

San Diego – Costco is preemptively suing Acushnet Holdings, maker of the popular Titleist golf ball. Costco is seeking a judge’s ruling that Costco’s brand new line of Kirkland Signature golf balls do not violate any of Acushnet’s patents. Read the rest »

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Google’s Waymo Files Patent and Trade Secret Lawsuit Against Uber

By Joseph Mandour on March 9, 2017

San Diego – In 2009, Google began to design self-driving cars. Since that time, the project, known as Waymo, has been an industry leader in the area and has helped Google acquire thousands of patents in nearly every aspect of autonomous driving technology. Read the rest »

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#ProctorandGamble Files #Patent Infringement Lawsuit Versus #Shaving Rival

By Joseph Mandour on August 26, 2016

shaverOrange County – Proctor and Gamble (P&G) filed a lawsuit through its subsidiary The Gillette Company against Edgewell Personal Care Co., which produces Schick brand razors and Edge shave gels. The lawsuit claims Edgewell engaged in false advertising, unfair competition, patent infringement, and deceptive acts and practices. Read the rest »

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#Adidas Sues #Skechers Over #Patent Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on July 20, 2016

shoesSan Diego – The athletic shoe industry has heated up with lawsuits recently and the latest is another lawsuit against Skechers. Adidas filed a patent infringement lawsuit claiming that the Skechers Mega Flex series copied the design of its Springblade shoe. Read the rest »

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#Siri #Patent Infringement Settlement to Cost #Apple $24.9M

By Joseph Mandour on April 26, 2016

apple-storeLos Angeles – Apple has agreed to pay out $24.9 million to settle a lawsuit that has dragged on for years. The lawsuit is alleging that its Siri voice assistant technology violated a patent licensed to a Dallas company and owned by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. The Dallas company, Dynamic Advances, was the exclusive licensee of Rensselaer’s patent. Read the rest »

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U.S. Supreme Court Will Hear Patent Case Between Apple and Samsung

By Joseph Mandour on March 24, 2016

apple-storeOrange County – It seems as though the battle between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. has been going on forever. The two companies have been involved in quite a few legal battles, yet the patent case that dates back to 2011 is the highest profile case yet. The case goes something like this: Apple sued Samsung accusing it of copying the designs of its phones. The design patents include the rectangular and curved phone body, and the phone’s grid of sixteen colorful icons that appear on the screen. Read the rest »

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More Trouble for DraftKings and FanDuel in the Form of a Patent Lawsuit

By Joseph Mandour on December 3, 2015

Los Angeles – Yet another lawsuit has been filed against DraftKings, FanDuel, and Fox Sports. This time the legal battle is over technology that Virtual Gaming Technologies, LLC claims these organizations use in violation of the patents it holds. Read the rest »

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