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Patent Infringement Lawsuit Filed Against GoPro

By Joseph Mandour on November 11, 2015

GoProOrange County – C&A Marketing brought a lawsuit against GoPro for infringing its patent for cube-shaped cameras. C&A Marketing claims that GoPro’s camera, known as the Hero4 Session, violates the patent it received for camera called the Polaroid Cube. Read the rest »

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Segway Files Patent Lawsuit Over Hands-Free Scooter

By Joseph Mandour on September 25, 2015

segwayOrange County – The creator of the first self-balancing, zero-emission personal transporter, Segway, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Inventist. Segway alleges that Inventist infringed five patents to build its personal transporter products. The transporters for both companies resemble the one used in the Back to the Future 2 movie, resulting in many calling this lawsuit a battle for the hoverboard. This lawsuit is the latest in a number of lawsuits attempting to stop copycats that are making hoverboard-like products. Read the rest »

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TiVo Files DVR Patent Lawsuit Against Samsung

By Joseph Mandour on September 17, 2015

tv_remote_controlSan Diego – In its quarterly earnings report, TiVo announced it filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung. TiVo, known for the creation of its digital video recorder, claims Samsung violated four of its patents. The patents relate to functions such as the ability to view a show while recording another and the ability to play a video smoothly at a faster speed. Read the rest »

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Ralph Lauren Gets Hit with Patent Infringement Claims Over Handbag

By Joseph Mandour on August 31, 2015

purseLos Angeles – American fashion icon and designer Ralph Lauren has come under fire of allegations that it has infringed the patent of an individual inventor. Jimmy Bryan has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against the brand in Texas, claiming that one of its high end handbags infringes his own patent for a bag that comes equipped with a light and phone charging capability. Read the rest »

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Apple Suffers Patent Invalidation in Samsung Case

By Joseph Mandour on August 21, 2015

iphoneLos Angeles – In what could serve as a turning point in the ongoing Apple vs. Samsung patent saga, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) handed down a decision that questions the validity of one of Apple’s design patents for its mobile phones. The ruling came down after a request for reexamination was made anonymously, however all signs point to the request coming from rival tech giant Samsung, which has been engaged in a years’ long bout with Apple over its patented phone features. Read the rest »

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Kickstarter Prevails After Crowdfunding Patent Threat

By Joseph Mandour on July 8, 2015

KickstarterOrange County – Since its launch in 2009, Kickstarter has funded $1.8 Billion dollars for businesses and other creative projects. Kickstarter utilizes a peer to peer crowdfunding model in which persons buy in early on a project. In addition to helping a budding business or artist, persons funding the project are the first to receive the products or services at issue. Read the rest »

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Denon Faces Lawsuit over Allegation of Speaker Patent Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on October 31, 2014

sound-speakerOrange County – Sonos, a developer of wireless home music systems, is suing Denon for patent infringement alleging that its newly-released Heos speakers are remarkably similar to Sonos’s speakers. According to details outlined in Sonos’s complaint, Denon’s Heos speakers have many of the same elements found in Sonos products. Read the rest »

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Homer Simpson Hologram at Comic-Con Spurs Patent Lawsuit

By Joseph Mandour on August 22, 2014

Comic ConSan Diego – Three companies have filed a patent lawsuit against 20th Century Fox claiming that a hologram of Homer Simpson from The Simpsons used during the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con infringed its patented system that projects 3D images. The plaintiffs in the case are Alki David’s Hologram USA, Musion Das Hologram and Uwe Maass. This is not the first time Hologram USA has sued. Previously, Hologram USA targeted a Michael Jackson hologram that was projected at the Billboard Music Awards. Read the rest »

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Recent Patent Ruling Likely Won’t Phase Apple or Samsung

By Joseph Mandour on May 12, 2014

iphoneSan Diego – The latest round in what has amounted to a legal boxing match between two of the world’s leaders in smartphone technology has concluded, though many are speculating that the result will do little to cool the dispute. The ruling by a federal jury in California turned up no clear winner, as it found that Samsung copied two of Apples patents and that Apple, in turn, had infringed one of Samsung’s. To further even the score, the jury of four women and four men found that Samsung did not violate two other patents held by Apple. Read the rest »

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Ford Infringed Automatic Turn Signal Technology, According to New Lawsuit

By Joseph Mandour on March 6, 2014

Patent InfringementOrange County – Execs at Ford Motor Co. are busy fending off the second patent infringement lawsuit they have been faced with this month.  This one was filed in the District Court of the United States for the District of Delaware by an American inventor named Richard Ponziani, who claims that Ford willfully infringed on his patent for turn signal technology.

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