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Apple Sued for Patent Infringement Again Over FaceTime

By Joseph Mandour on May 8, 2013

Patent LawyersLos Angeles – Once again, Apple Inc. is the target a patent infringement lawsuit concerning its FaceTime app.  The Plaintiff is National Cheng Kung University in Tainan City, Taiwan.  The claim is based on U.S. Patent No. 7,561,078, issued in 2009, which relates to a system “for compressing a video data set” that provides a “coding strategy with parameter searching” which optimizes performance.  National Cheng Kung University believes that FaceTime, among other similar applications, is an infringement. Read the rest »

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MasterCard Sued in Virtual Payment Patent Infringement Case

By Joseph Mandour on May 1, 2013

creditcard-thumb-200x133-64363 California – An inventor by the name of John D’Agostino filed a complaint in a Delaware U.S. District Court accusing MasterCard, Inc. of infringing on his patent for a “System and method for performing secure credit card transactions”. Read the rest »

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Ericsson Ramps Up Patent Infringement Case Against Samsung

By Joseph Mandour on April 29, 2013

Intellectual Property Infringement San Diego – Last week Ericsson Inc. added eight additional patents to its patent infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.   The original complaint, filed last November in a Texas U.S. District Court, was spawned by Samsung’s refusal to renew a license it had to 12 Ericsson patents covering various telecommunications devices and related multimedia equipment.

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Aspex Eyewear Loses Appeal of Magnetic Sunglass Patent Lawsuit

By Joseph Mandour on April 23, 2013

Patent Infringement AttorneysOrange County – A Federal Court of Appeals Judge upheld the decision made by a Florida District Court by holding that Aspex Eyewear Inc. is precluded from making a nearly identical patent infringement claim that it made in a previously failed patent infringement case against a different company. Read the rest »

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Time Runs Out for Owner of Altimeter Patent

By Joseph Mandour on April 22, 2013

hiker-150x150 Los Angeles – U.S. District Court Magistrate Judge Elizabeth LaPorte recently ruled that Avocet Sports Technology Inc. waited an unreasonable amount of time, 6 years, to initiate a patent infringement case against Polar Electro, Inc.  Thus, she dismissed the case due to the doctrine of laches.

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CBS and NBC Sued in Podcasting Patent Infringement Cases

By Joseph Mandour on April 17, 2013

Los Angeles Patents California – Both CBS Corp. and NBC Universal Media LLC were sued in separate Texas federal court actions by Personal Audio LLC, a Beaumont, Texas company who claims to be “pioneers in playlists and podcasting.” The lawsuits stem from claims by Personal Audio that CBS and NBS are infringing on one of its five patents, U.S. Patent No. 8,112,504 B2. The patent at issue covers transmission of audio programming through the internet. Read the rest »

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WiFi Patent Lawsuit Against Southwest Airlines On Hold For Re-Examination

By Joseph Mandour on April 12, 2013

airplane-airbusa380-150x150 San Diego – On Monday U.S. District Judge Gary Allen Feess announced a stay in a patent infringement lawsuit against Southwest Airlines Co. until the USPTO finalizes its re-examination of the patents cited in the Complaint.  Feess ruled that it doesn’t make sense to continue the case until the patent re-examination is complete. Read the rest »

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Samsung’s ChatON May be Off Due to Patent Infringement Allegations

By Joseph Mandour on April 9, 2013

Intellectual Property InfringementOrange County – Mobile Telecommunications Technologies LLC, a company headquartered in Lewisville, Texas, has filed a lawsuit in an East Texas Federal Court against Samsung Electronics.  Mobile Telecommunications claims that Samsung infringed on at least 3 of its patents for texting and other messaging services. Read the rest »

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ResMed Sues For Infringement of Sleep Apnea Patents

By Joseph Mandour on April 4, 2013

sleeping-150x150 Los Angeles – Last Thursday, ResMed Inc. filed lawsuits against two companies alleging patent infringement related to devices that help prevent sleep breathing disorders.  Taiwan based Apex Medical Corp., the alleged manufacturer, and Medical Depot Inc., the alleged distributor, who are doing business together as “Drive Medical Design and Manufacturing”, are the target of a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court and a complaint filed with the International Trade Commission. Read the rest »

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Apple Sued by THX for Infringing Speaker Patent

By Joseph Mandour on March 21, 2013

ipad-iphone-200x131 San Diego – THX Ltd. filed a lawsuit against Apple, Inc. in California federal court claiming that the technology giant is infringing its patent that covers technology for narrow-profile speakers. Read the rest »

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