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Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures Seek Patent for Sensor-Filled Helmet

By Joseph Mandour on January 16, 2017

San Diego – Bill Gates and 20 other inventors filed a patent for a high-technology football helmet equipped with sensors and a processing circuit. The goal of the helmet is to try to minimize the head trauma injuries that are plaguing the football world. Read the rest »

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#Walmart Seeks #Patent for Robo-Shopping Cart

By Joseph Mandour on September 19, 2016

shopping-cartsOrange County – Advancements in technology today continue to soar to new levels. Walmart has filed for a patent that would bring consumers a whole new experience at the grocery store. The patent is for “a robotic device that would create self-driving shopping carts, giving customers free hands while they shop.” Read the rest »

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#Apple #Patent Will Deter Theft of Devices by Taking Photos, Videos and Fingerprints

By Joseph Mandour on August 31, 2016

fingerLos Angeles – Stolen Apple devices, such as iPhones or tables, may soon record and send identifying information about the thief to the device’s owner, aiding law enforcement in the identification and prosecution of thieves. This capability is discussed in a patent filed by Apple and published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office titled “biometric capture for unauthorized user identification.” Read the rest »

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#Google Seeks a #Patent for a Smart #Crib

By Joseph Mandour on July 14, 2016

babyOrange County – In the recent past, audio and then video monitoring of newborn babies was considered cutting edge technology. However, a new patent application filed by Google makes those advances seem quaint. Google’s patent application shows where baby monitoring technology is going which is hopefully to a place where serious concerns for parents like SIDS become a thing of the past. Read the rest »

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Apple Receives Patent for iPhone That is Entirely a Screen

By Joseph Mandour on June 17, 2016

apple-storeSan Diego – Apple was granted a patent for a button-less phone with a wrap-around screen the encompasses the entire phone. The innovative design is intended to take better advantage of phone space and to remove fixed buttons, such as the volume controls that are usually externally located on the sides. Read the rest »

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Google Granted Patent for Auto Adhesive for Collisions With Pedestrians

By Joseph Mandour on May 25, 2016

automobileLos Angeles – Google has been granted a patent for a system that would adhere victims of auto collisions to a self-driving vehicle. The adhesive material would be placed on the hood and bumper of a car, the locations where a pedestrian is most likely to be hit. The adhesive would be hidden under a protective layer on the vehicle, most likely a top coating, separated by an air gap. Read the rest »

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#Sony Files #Patent for Smart Contact Lens with Camera Capabilities

By Joseph Mandour on May 10, 2016

Contact lens San Diego – Smart contact lenses serving as cameras triggered by blinking may soon become a reality. Sony recently became the third company, following Google and Samsung, to file a patent for a high-tech contact lens containing a camera and sensors. Read the rest »

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Sequenom Patent on Prenatal DNA Test Remains Invalid

By Joseph Mandour on December 9, 2015

dna-strandSan Diego – Interpretations of a Supreme Court decision led the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington to refuse to reconsider its decision invalidating a Sequenom Inc., prenatal DNA test patent. Read the rest »

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Sequenom Prenatal Test Patent Ruled Invalid

By Joseph Mandour on June 23, 2015

dna-strandSan Diego – Sequenom is a bio-tech company based in San Diego. Recently, its patent for pre-natal testing was held invalid by a Federal Circuit Judge on the grounds that it is not patent eligible because it is naturally occurring. Read the rest »

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Ford Allows Competitors Access to Patents

By Joseph Mandour on June 16, 2015

fordLos Angeles – In the interest towards development, Ford Motors is allowing competitors to access its patents regarding electric and hybrid vehicles technology. In 2014 alone, Ford submitted over 400 patents relating to electric vehicles. In addition, Ford has already been awarded over 650 such patents, with an additional 1,000 patents currently pending. Read the rest »

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