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Donald Trump Threatens Lawsuits over Make America Great Again Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on October 19, 2015

voteSan Diego – Last month Donald Trump’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to CafePress threatening to file a lawsuit if the company did not stop selling products with the phrase, “Make America Great Again.” Though CafePress is the only confirmed company to receive a cease and desist letter, it’s likely other online companies also received letters. Read the rest »

“King of Beers” Takes Aim at “The Queen of Beer” in Trademark Tousle

By Joseph Mandour on September 10, 2015

beer-bottle-pouringLos Angeles – The world’s largest beer brewer, Anheuser-Busch, is gearing up for battle against a much smaller brewery over its slogan which deems itself the “The Queen of Beer.” The Budweiser manufacturer has long touted its best-selling product as the “King of Beers” and currently holds trademark registrations for the phrase from everything from the obvious beers to clothing, neon signs and sauces and marinades. Read the rest »

Pop Group LMFAO Not Laughing About New Beer Trademark Dispute

By Joseph Mandour on August 14, 2015

beer-bottle-pouringOrange County – The pop group LMFAO, famous for its members’ funky style and fast paced songs, are after a Michigan craft brewery that has named one of its beers “LMFAO Stout.” The dark and hoppy beer variety is marketed and sold by Pigeon Hill Brewing Co., which is based out of Muskegon, Michigan. Read the rest »

San Diego and Salt Lake Battle for Comic Con Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on July 30, 2015

Comic ConSan Diego – San Diego is home to the well-known annual Comic-Con convention which generally celebrates all things science fiction. Every year, hundreds of thousands of fans and actors flock to San Diego to enjoy sneak peaks of upcoming movies, panels, and costume contests. Read the rest »

Taylor Swift Sued for Trademark Infringement

By Joseph Mandour on July 22, 2015

music-speakerOrange County – Taylor Swift is under the legal spotlight again as she is being sued by Blue Sphere, Inc. a clothing line based in Orange County, CA. Blue Sphere owns several LUCKY 13 Trademarks in relation to apparel and other goods, and is suing Swift for trademark infringement. Read the rest »

McDonald’s Opposes Supermac’s Trademark in Europe

By Joseph Mandour on June 30, 2015

cheeseburgerLos Angeles – Fast-food giant McDonald’s is taking action against the Irish fast food chain Supermac’s in order to prevent it from expanding into Europe. For 37 years, Supermac’s has operated in cities within Ireland. Supermac’s has since spread to Northern Ireland and it has plans to open chains throughout Europe. Read the rest »

Batman Publishers Attempt to Block Rihanna’s Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on May 28, 2015

batmanLos Angeles – DC Comics has attempted to block a Trademark Application that was filed in June of last year by singer/actress Rihanna. The trademark in question is for Robyn, which is the pop star’s legal first name. DC Comics is the publisher for Batman, and believes that the name of their character’s sidekick- Robin- is being threatened by Rihanna’s recent application. Read the rest »

Kentucky Fights for “40-0” Season and Trademark Rights

By Joseph Mandour on April 3, 2015

basketballOrange County – College basketball’s March Madness is down to the Final Four of Kentucky, Wisconsin, Michigan State and Duke who will be playing this weekend for a place in the national championship game on Monday. Read the rest »

Who owns the Yosemite National Park Trademarks?

By Joseph Mandour on January 23, 2015

yosemiteLos Angeles – The names of the attractions associated with Yosemite National Park are being threatened in a trademark dispute. Yosemite is known for its amazing vistas and its connection with nature and preserving land. Names of popular sites such as the Ahwahnee Hotel remind many of the architecture and its resemblance to the world famous landmarks nearby like El Capitan. Read the rest »

Samsung Sued for Use of Milk Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on December 10, 2014

cow-thumb-200x134-31102Los Angeles – Milk Studios, a multimedia studio with locations in New York and Los Angeles, has filed a trademark lawsuit against Samsung Electronics alleging trademark infringement by the South Korean electronics manufacturer. Milk Studios filed the lawsuit in federal court in New York stating that Samsung used the Milk name for its music-streaming services in violation of Milk Studios’ trademark. Read the rest »