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Trump Trademark Victory in China Sparks Ethics Questions

By Joseph Mandour on February 23, 2017

Orange County – Last week, China’s trademark review board awarded President Trump and his organization a trademark that Trump had been seeking for nearly a decade. Namely, the Trump organization has been awarded trademark protection for the use of the Trump name in the construction industry. China’s action, coupled with Trump’s decision to place his assets in a trust run by his adult sons, has sparked an ethical predicament that is drawing sharp debate. Read the rest »

Trump Files Trademark for “Keep America Great” Re-election Slogan

By Joseph Mandour on February 2, 2017

Orange County – Days before taking the oath of office, Donald Trump filed a trademark application for the “Keep America Great” slogan for his re-election campaign. The slogan is intended to build off the 2016 slogan: “Make America Great Again.” This phrase, and particularly the baseball caps printed with the phrase, were central to Trump’s election. Read the rest »

USPTO Denies Trademark Application for NHL’s Newest Team

By Joseph Mandour on December 22, 2016

Orange County – The NHL’s newest team – the Las Vegas Golden Knights – ran into legal trouble over its name less than a month after a big Vegas-style ceremony revealing the team name to the public. The trademark application that the team filed for its name was denied by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Read the rest »

Trump Wins Major Trademark Battle in China

By Joseph Mandour on November 17, 2016

Orange County – Roughly ten years ago, in 2006, Donald Trump and the Trump Organization attempted to register his Trump trademark across numerous categories of goods and services in China. After numerous bumps in the application process, Mr. Trump has finally won his fight for the Trump name in China for real-estate-agent services in both the commercial and residential sectors. Read the rest »

Supreme Court to Decide Whether Offensive Names Can be a Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on October 14, 2016

supreme_courtSan Diego – The Slants, an Asian American rock band from Portland, Oregon, are taking their case to the Supreme Court which will decide whether the band can trademark its name. The band’s trademark application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office was refused because the trademark office found that it is an offensive term. Read the rest »

#Chargers File for Los Angeles Chargers #Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on January 26, 2016

football1San Diego – The San Diego Chargers recently applied for the “Los Angeles Chargers” trademark, a sign that the Chargers have a bona fide intent to leave San Diego and move to Los Angeles. The Chargers filed trademark application for both “Los Angeles Chargers” and “LA Chargers” because they are currently in negotiations for a potential move to Los Angeles. Read the rest »

Jeb Bush Abandons Trademark Application for “Jeb!”

By Joseph Mandour on January 8, 2016

voteSan Diego – While many presidential candidates (most notably Donald Trump) fight battles to maintain and protect trademarked slogans, Jeb Bush took a different approach. He recently abandoned the Jeb! trademark he has used thus far during his campaign. Read the rest »

The Slants win, Ban on Disparaging Trademarks and Washington Redskins Ruling Now in Doubt

By Joseph Mandour on December 31, 2015

supreme_courtLos Angeles – An Asian rock band from Portland wanted to trademark the name of their group “The Slants,” hoping to turn the racial slur into a phrase of empowerment. Instead, they got a lengthy legal battle eventually resulting in a significant change to trademark law, which may impact the Washington Redskins’ trademark case. Read the rest »

Redskins Lose Trademark Battle

By Joseph Mandour on July 14, 2015

football1San Diego – Six Trademarks owned by the Washington Redskins are in the process of being cancelled due to a Federal court ruling. Last year, Navajo activist Amanda Blackhorse along with four other Native Americans sought to cancel the team’s Trademark Registrations due to an offensive connotation of the name “Redskins”. This was successful as the TTAB (Trademark Trial and Appeal Board) ruled in favor of Blackhorse that the registrations were disparaging and should be cancelled. Read the rest »

GM and Yamaha Agree to Co-exist with use of “Bolt” Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on June 10, 2015

automobile-pluginLos Angeles – Despite less than stellar sales and perceived high prices, auto makers continue to release new electric vehicles. This is partly due to the fact that manufacturers are under a government mandate to increase the average miles per gallon of their fleets. Read the rest »