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Facebook Claims the Word ‘Book’ as a Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on April 3, 2013

mandour facebook California – If you are among the 845 million active Facebook users, then you can soon expect to review a new Statement of Rights and Responsibilities from the social network giant.
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Redskins Defend Name in TTAB to Protect Trademark Rights

By Joseph Mandour on March 14, 2013

Closeup of American Football on Field Los Angeles – The Washington Redskins asked the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board to dismiss six petitions to cancel filed by a group of Native Americans, arguing that there is no evidence to support the group’s claim that a considerable percentage of Native Americans find the team’s name offensive. Read the rest »

Facebook Argues TIMELINES is a Generic Trademark, Rival Disagrees

By Joseph Mandour on March 11, 2013

mandour facebook San Diego – Timelines, Inc. argued in an opposition filed Wednesday that the company’s TIMELINES trademark is not too generic to deserve protection and that Facebook, Inc.’s timeline feature on its popular networking site infringes the trademark. Read the rest »

Drug Maker Cannot Trademark Peppermint Flavor and Scent

By Joseph Mandour on March 6, 2013

peppermint-thumb-200x150-60428 Orange County – Drug producer Pohl-Boskamp GmbH & Co. KG cannot trademark the peppermint scent and flavor of a nitroglycerin spray sold to help treat chest pain, according to a recent decision by the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board. Read the rest »

Yankees have Rights to Evil Empire without Trademark Registration

By Joseph Mandour on February 25, 2013

baseball-200x133 Los Angeles – A U.S. Patent and Trademark Office panel recently ruled that the New York Yankees have rights to its nickname Evil Empire and can prevent others from registering the name as a trademark, even though the team has never attempted to register the trademark. Read the rest »

Mary Kay, Michael Kors Battle Over MK Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on February 13, 2013

makeupCalifornia – Mary Kay Inc. filed a lawsuit against the clothing company Michael Kors LLC claiming the company is promoting competing products with the founder’s initials, which breaches an agreement the two companies made to manage the use of similar trademarks. Read the rest »

Kanye West Hurls Trademark Lawsuit at Makers of “COINYE” Currency

By Joseph Mandour on January 12, 2013

coins-thumb-200x133-79893 San Diego – Kanye West has commenced a lawsuit against the creators of a playfully named brand of virtual currency. Read the rest »

Apple Likely to Purchase IPHONE Trademark in Brazil

By Joseph Mandour on January 7, 2013

Los Angeles PatentsLos Angeles – Apple is expected to make an offer on the IPHONE trademark in Brazil which is currently owned by IGB Eletrônica SA.  IGB Eletrônica SA released an Android-powered smartphone called the IPHONE Neo One under the company’s Gradiente brand this month. Read the rest »

Neil Young Files Trademarks for Pono Brand

By Joseph Mandour on December 20, 2012

headphones-thumb-200x149-30646 San Diego – Neil Young has filed two trademark applications in order to promote his impending music service Pono. Pono will offer digital-to-analog music downloads along with portable music players. Read the rest »

North Face Shuts Down “Butt Face” Apparel Maker With Trademark Contempt Ruling

By Joseph Mandour on November 27, 2012

fleece-thumb-200x150-50761 San Diego – The makers of a parody line of clothing named “The Butt Face” have been held in contempt for violating a 2010 injunction barring them from any use of The North Face Apparel Corp.’s trademarks or similar names, according to a consent judgment filed Tuesday. Read the rest »