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Cadbury Registers British Trademark For Shade of Purple

By Joseph Mandour on November 22, 2012

candy-easter-cadbury-thumb-200x150-30619 California – The British Intellectual Property Office (IPO) recently granted trademark registration to English chocolatier Cadbury for Cadbury’s distinctive shade of purple used on chocolate packaging. Issuing the registration ended three years of litigation between Cadbury and Swiss competitor Nestle who opposed the trademark’s registration. Read the rest »

Johnny Manziel Fights to Trademark his Popular Nickname

By Joseph Mandour on November 20, 2012

Trademark Infringement Orange County – Texas A&M and the Manziel family are working to trademark quarterback Johnny Manziel’s nickname “Johnny Football,” but someone else has already claimed it. Read the rest »

“Tebowing” Moves One Step Closer To Registered Trademark Status With USPTO

By Joseph Mandour on November 4, 2012

Trademark Infringement San Diego – Tim Tebow’s “Tebowing” slogan is now one-step closer to trademark registration. “Tebowing” became a widespread phenomenon when the second year player now with the New York Jets was photographed bowing in prayer in the end zone. His pose, head bowed, down on one knee, with a clenched fist against his forehead quickly became a sports fan favorite. Read the rest »

Calif. Appeals Court Shoots Down Mystery House Trademark Lawsuit

By Joseph Mandour on October 25, 2012

Winchester_mansion-thumb-200x158-51241Orange County – A California state appeals court on Wednesday declined to revive the popular San Jose tourist attraction the Winchester Mystery House’s attempts to keep a film company from using its trademarks in a movie loosely based on the builder of the house. Read the rest »

TTAB Nixes Mexican Band Grupo Pegasso Trademark Cancellation Bid

By Joseph Mandour on October 24, 2012

GrupoPegassologo-150x150 Los Angeles – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board recently shut the door on an attempt to cancel the federal registration for the trademark Grupo Pegasso, the name of a defunct Mexican band, rejecting the petitioner music company’s claims of fraud on the PTO. Read the rest »

Nordstrom Seeks To Shut Down Web Retailer’s Use Of “Rack” Trademark

By Joseph Mandour on October 22, 2012

hanger-thumb-200x118-50982 Orange County – Clothing retail giant Nordstrom Inc. filed a new trademark infringement complaint against a web retailer in Seattle federal court on Friday over alleged cybersquatting and unauthorized use of Nordstrom’s “Rack” trademark for discount clothing sales. Read the rest »

Longhorn Steakhouse Sued By Golden Nugget Casino Over Cheesecake Trademarks

By Joseph Mandour on October 17, 2012

cheesecake-thumb-200x189-50663 Orange County – Rare Hospitality International Inc., which owns the Longhorn Steakhouse chain of restaurants, is facing new trademark claims from Las Vegas’s Golden Nugget casino, which alleges one of the chain’s cheesecake desserts infringes its trademarked name. Read the rest »

Fifth Circuit Says Mission Burrito Trademark Suit Has Legs

By Joseph Mandour on October 16, 2012

burrito-thumb-200x133-50536 San Diego – The Fifth Circuit on Thursday ruled that Mexican food company Gruma Corp. has valid claims for trademark infringement against the Texas fast food chain Mission Burrito, reversing a Texas district court’s dismissal of Gruma’s case. Read the rest »

TTAB Rejects “Verde” Power Supply Trademark As Merely Descriptive

By Joseph Mandour on October 10, 2012

power on-thumb-200x215-50315 San Diego – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s Trademark Trial and Appeal Board has affirmed a PTO examiner’s refusal to register the trademark “Verde” to Verde Power Supply Inc., saying the proposed trademark as used in connection with the company’s goods is only descriptive. Read the rest »

PTO Gets Tough On Green Trademark Claims

By Joseph Mandour on October 5, 2012

kumquat_tree_-thumb-200x133-50313 San Diego – The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has quietly adopted a more stringent approach to registering “green” trademarks, in practice if not in policy, requiring that applicants demonstrate their genuine environmentally friendly qualities. Read the rest »