Amazon Granted Patent for Double-Sided Tablet Device

amazonSan Diego – Amazon recently announced that has received a patent for a double-sided Kindle-type device. The newly patented technology would combine e-ink and an LCD display together into one product, with one display for reading and one for watching videos. Much like an open book, the display screens would be on opposite sides of the product. In addition to the open book display format, the device would include cameras in front and back that would display content based on the individual determination made by each camera. According to the patent, the new device “might alternatively utilize at least one camera to determine which side of the device is facing the user, and might activate the display on that side of the device to convey content”. Moreover, the product might also be touch sensitive and “display notifications on an edge of the device, such that a current orientation of the device might be less important.”

Users might assume that all of the high-tech options offered on the new Amazon patent would have a tendency to drain the product’s battery very rapidly. However, Amazon claims that it’s new product would actually consume less power by switching back and forth to e-ink depending on if the product is utilizing slow or fast moving content. More specifically, the information provided by the United States Patent and Trademark Office states that the product is “an electronic device including two or more display elements can provide enhanced functionality with improved rates of power consumption. A user can cause information that does not change rapidly to be provided or moved to a relatively static display element, such as an electronic ink display, which enables that information to be displayed for a period of time with little additional power consumption.”

To help introduce its new product, Amazon has planned a press event in Los Angeles on September 6. However, Kindle fans should be careful not get too excited too quickly. It is likely that Amazon will not launch its next-generation Kindle e-reader until 2013. To the delight of many, Kindle users should have the double-sided option in their hands by Christmas 2013.




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