Apple Awarded New Patents For Thinner iPhone Display Screen & TV Cable Box

Technology PatentOrange County – Apple has two more patents for its growing portfolio. Originally filed in October 2006, patent 8,243,017, was granted today for “a video device that displays video in one of a plurality of contexts in an onscreen display area”. For consumers that already use Apple devices, this means the possible future availability of high-tech search and browse functions, sophisticated screen shots, and the ability to synchronize their cable box with other home devices.

According to the abstract for the patent, “the video device generates a menu overlay within the onscreen display area while maintaining the video within the menu overlay, and generates within the menu overlay a context icon based on the selected context”.

As such, the new patent would allow users who like the Apple style of screen functionality to boost the functionality of their cable box and elevate their television watching experience. Additionally, most consumers would be thrilled to potentially incorporate a cable box with other popular Apple home use devices.

Apple was also awarded a patent today for technology that could lead to thinner and lighter screens on its iPhones. Patent 8,243,027 was granted by the USPTO for a “touch screen liquid crystal display”. Currently, Apple engineers place the touch sensors on the top of the screen and the display circuits take up extra room below. However, the new technology combines the touch sensors with the display circuits, decreasing the amount of space required for the screen and allowing the designers to reduce the overall thickness of the phone. Apple has suggested that the new patent could allow for elimination of phone layers, thereby reducing costs and simplifying manufacturing processes.

The technology for the thinner iPhone screens could also be used on a variety of other devices. An Apple representative suggested that the technology could be used for other Apple systems including personal digital assistants, desktop computers, handheld computers, media players and tablets.




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