Apple Granted Patent Related to Maintaining Privacy Online

Patent LawyersOrange County – Online identities are undoubtedly one of the last things people would consider in the search for cloning subjects. However, Apple has done just that, by creating and developing technology to clone online identities. To that end, the hugely popular computer, tablet, and phone manufacturer announced last week that it has been granted a patent for its online identity cloning technology. The unusual patent was created in response to consumers expressing an increased desire to protect their online identities from a deluge of information profilers.

Increasingly, computer users are noticing that privacy is being reduced and the information collected about their actions online is being misappropriated. Many computer users additionally agree that too much information is being collected. According to the patent documents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, Apple’s patent covers technology that gathers data, creates fake areas of interest, performs periodic actions on a network at regular intervals and randomly selects actions to perform. Consequently, the user’s online profile is intentionally polluted in order to protect the user’s true identity and the collected data is less valuable. Essentially, the newly patented identity cloning technology would provide just enough information to throw off profilers and prevent online profiling.

The patent paperwork was originally filed in 2011, and is already being used in many Novell products. This latest online privacy solution is just one of many products that are sure to be developed in response to increased online identity issues. Apple, considering itself in the forefront of new and popular technology, has plans to incorporate its new patent in a number of future products. Moreover, seeing how many technology companies are attempting to provide one stop shopping for every aspect of a user’s experience, providing hardware, software and online protection, is likely to be standard practice for future Apple customers.




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