Apple Patent Uses 3D Gestures To Control iPad Remotely

gesture-thumbsup-200x133 Los Angeles – Apple announced that the USPTO has recently published its patent application for an advanced gesture based toolbar. The patent would involve technology designed to allow iPad users to control their iPads from across the room using body movements such as hand sweeps and other gestures. These body movements would manipulate the iPad display through the gesture based toolbar.

Invented by Peter Langenfeld and Michael Hailey, the toolbar would have preset controls associated with predetermined gestures but would allow advanced users to customize their own movements to correspond to certain tasks. The gestures would be captured by the “front-facing” camera found on newer iPads and iPhones. The front facing camera would capture the 3D gestures and the Apple device would respond in kind.
The patent application, originally filed in mid-2010, notes that the toolbar system will have facial recognition capabilities. In addition, the device will have predetermined gestures for certain functions such as selecting and pointing. The system will feature an associating gesture, used to associate items with one another.

The toolbar will also allow for on-video annotation. The device will allow transfers from images captured using the front facing camera of the iPhone to the iPad to allow users to take advantage of the greater video editing capabilities of the iPad.

The patent application suggests that older Apple devices such as older models of the iPhone and iPad would not have the processing power to utilize the gesture capturing feature. However, the iPad 2, launched in March of 2011 and the recently released iPhone 4S will be capable of running the toolbar system and allow the device to manipulated remotely by the user’s 3D gestures.




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