Apple Trademarks “Macroscalar”, Possible New Processing Technology in the Works

mandour apple logo California – Cupertino, California based Apple Computer has filed to register for the trademark “macroscalar,” its name for various patented methods for efficiently executing code on a processor, which strongly suggests the company’s plans to begin commercially promoting its differentiating technology. The trademark application was filed for the classes including scientific, nautical, surveying, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, and signaling, among others.

Apple reportedly has already registered the trademark in other countries, including Trinidad and Tobago, which are meccas for scuba-diving enthusiasts, possibly being related to the nautical class the trademark was registered for. With the trademark filed with the appropriate legal procedures in those countries, Apple has now moved to register the trademark in other major markets, including the United States.

One of the major markets Apple is seeking to register the “macroscalar” trademark is Hong Kong. This move leads many technology analysts to believe that Apple may be hinting at a forthcoming announcement at one or more new processing technologies.

“The macroscalar processor addresses this problem in a new way: at compile-time it generates contingent secondary instructions so when a data-dependent loop completes, the next set of instructions are ready to execute,” as one technology expert noted. “In effect, it loads another pipeline for, say, completing a loop, so the pipeline remains full whether the loop continues or completes,” added the analyst.

The trademark itself would cover a technology that has some remote similarities to Intel’s Hyperthreading in finding ways to keep a processor running closer to its potential. As Apple has to rely on using off-the-shelf Intel processors in its Mac computers, if the macroscalar design is used, it would most likely apply to iOS devices. From a user perspective, this potential technology could support an environment for faster performance and lower power consumption, something Apple would definitely have interest in for its mobile devices.

Apple has not released any official statement regarding its motivations for registering the trademark for “macroscalar.” However, its efforts in Hong Kong as well as the classes applied for have many in the technology world abuzz with anticipation.




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