BASCOM Wins Jury Verdict In Patent Infringement Suit Against AOL

Patent LawyerSan Diego – Internet software company BASCOM Global Internet Services, Inc. recently received a favorable jury verdict finding that AOL infringed patents owned by BASCOM. The case was brought by plaintiff BASCOM concerning allegedly infringing use of BASCOM’s patents involving internet filtering technology by defendant AOL. After a weeklong trial, the jury awarded $10,000,000 to BASCOM as a royalty for AOL’s past infringement.

BASCOM provides internet filtering programs and technology to schools and educational bodies designed to block adult entertainment, pornographic, and other content. BASCOM alleged that AOL used BASCOM’s patented filtering technology as a part of AOL’s own internet service. BASCOM’s president, Peter Cirasole claimed during his trial testimony that AOL and other leading companies refused to negotiate with BASCOM, believing that such a small company could not secure enforcement of its patents against competing industry giants.

When a patent is registered, the owner has the exclusive right to make, sell, use, or import the patented article or process. Patent infringement occurs when another party makes, sells, uses, or imports the patented invention or a product manufactured using the patented process. Upon a finding of liability for patent infringement, the plaintiff may be awarded a royalty for use of the patent, an injunction barring further use, damages, and attorney’s fees.

In this case, the weeklong jury trial came to an end with the jury upholding the BASCOM patent as valid and enforceable. The jury also found that AOL had infringed the internet content filtering patent registered with the USPTO. Based on its finding of liability, the jury ordered that AOL pay $10,000,000 in royalties for its infringing use of the BASCOM patent.

AOL, previously America Online, is an internet media company and was one of the world’s largest internet services providers of dial-up internet. At one time, AOL provided internet services to more than 30 million users.




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