Batman Publishers Attempt to Block Rihanna’s Trademark

batmanLos Angeles – DC Comics has attempted to block a Trademark Application that was filed in June of last year by singer/actress Rihanna. The trademark in question is for Robyn, which is the pop star’s legal first name. DC Comics is the publisher for Batman, and believes that the name of their character’s sidekick- Robin- is being threatened by Rihanna’s recent application.

DC Comics believes that Robin and Robyn are too similar such that consumers are likely to be confused as to whether the singer’s brand and goods are related to its character. As a result DC Comics filed a Notice of Opposition to prevent the Robyn application from registering.

According to the USPTO website, Rihanna’s company Roraj Trade Company filed the Application for Robyn in relation to “online non-downloadable general feature magazines.” It was in this regard that DC Comics filed an opposition as the Robyn brand magazine may be confused with comics and other goods related to DC Comic’s sidekick Robin.

Warner Bros is the owner of DC Comics, and argued that any form of publishing of a Robyn brand would be “trading off the enormous goodwill associated with the ROBIN trademark and diluting its distinctiveness.”

Rihanna’s legal team does not see any similarities between the fictional character Robin and Robyn as a brand, and therefore do not believe that consumers will be confused.

At this point, the use for Robyn is unclear as to whether it is primarily for a magazine, or if it will be used for other goods too. As the opposition to Robyn was filed only recently, Rihanna and her legal team have not yet filed a response.

Rihanna has recently been working to expand her brand by using expanding into other businesses and filing associated trademark applications. She has also incorporated her last name Fenty into many of her recent Trademark Applications, including FENTYSWIM and FENTY 88, neither of which faced any opposition.

Rihanna has also been in the spotlight for other intellectual property legal troubles lately, as she was accused of infringing on a Texas rappers song “Better Have My Money.” There has been no confirmation as to how Rihanna responded to this.




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