Beatle mania rages on with “Ringo” trademark

beatles-thumb-200x162-30068 San Diego, CA – It appears that Ringo Starr has been bitten by the technology bug. After appearing in the video game: “The Beatles: Rock Band”, the famous drummer has applied to register the trademark “Ringo” for future use in relation to “computer game software” and “games via the Internet and wireless devices.”

On January 23, Starr, who’s real name is Richard Starkey, filed the registration papers with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. In addition to checking the boxes for “computer game software” and “games via the Internet and wireless devices”, Starr also included the class for “use in toys, plush toys, stuffed toys and board games.”

Perhaps we are in store for a Ringo-themed video game or app? Whatever Mr. Starkey has up his sleeve isn’t yet clear. Nevertheless, when it comes to protecting the trademark he worked so hard to earn, it’s clear this drummer doesn’t miss a beat.




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