Beyonce and Jay-Z Trademark Their Baby’s Name

concert-thumb-200x132-29725 San Diego – While it is not surprising to see the wide variety of unique baby monikers popping up everywhere, some may see it as surprising to see that Beyonce and Jay-Z have recently trademarked their new baby’s name “Blue Ivy”.

On its face, one might think it seems downright crazy that someone would go to the trouble and expense of actually trying to prevent other parents from using a particular name. However, there is more to their seeming madness than meets the eye.

Though the birth of a child or a child itself would not necessarily be considered unique and original enough to necessitate trademark protection, the use of a baby’s name for product branding the incentive for Trademark protection. In this case, the branding of future products is the ultimate goal Beyonce and Jay-Z had in mind. As the creators of a number of popular clothing lines and other products, both Beyonce and Jay-Z, are no strangers to the world of product branding. It is also not surprising that they would consider the birth of their first child ample inspiration for the creation of a line of clothing or other items. Born January 7th, in New York City, it is speculated that little Blue Ivy will most likely be the miniature muse for a future line of baby clothing and children’s items.

So what does that mean for the average parent looking to name their child Blue Ivy or parents seeking to protect their own unique moniker? Trademarking a name obviously does not prevent other parents from using your child’s name. As such, parents would only be protected from other parents trying to financially profit from the use of a registered name. For example, if you named your child Greyhound, the bus company would only have a claim if you created a rival bus company named after and based around your offspring. So those of you looking to name your baby Blue Ivy, feel free to use the name, as long as you don’t plan on using the name later to start a clothing line or any other similar project for profit.




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