Boeing Issued Patent For Aircraft Design

airplane-airbusa380-thumb-200x132-30954 California – Aerospace manufacturer Boeing Chicago was recently issued a patent for an “aircraft configuration utilizing fuselage, wing, empennage, and exhaust flow control devices” designed to enhance aircraft performance. The patent abstract claims that the design will utilize structural and engine exhaust flow control devices to enhance the in-flight performance of the craft.

Boeing first filed the patent application in 2009. The recently issued patent, U.S. Patent No. 8,061,655, credits a group of ten inventors, mostly from California and Washington state. The design includes the use of an Upper Surface Blown (USB) system downstream from the engine exhaust plume as well as a controllable USB to promote engine exhaust flow. Boeing hopes that the new design will eliminate what the patent describes as a “pitching moment” that would have been caused by the old USB system. Eliminating the pitching moment caused by uncontrolled engine exhaust would increase performance and provide for a smoother flight.

Founded in 1916 in Seattle, Washington, Boeing has been in a serious battle lately with European giant Airbus which is its largest competitor. Boeing merged with aerospace manufacturer and defense contractor McDonnell Douglas in 1997. Currently headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Boeing is one of the world’s two largest aircraft manufacturers and the world’s third largest aerospace and defense contractor. By value, Boeing is the U.S.’s largest exporter. Since the merger with McDonnell Douglas, Boeing’s largest competitor has been Airbus. Together the two companies dominate the commerical aircraft market.




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