California Based Apple Granted Patent For Commercial Skipping Device

apple-storeCalifornia – Devices that allow users to record, rewind, fast-forward and skip commercials have become best sellers as consumers scramble to grab the latest technology from the cable companies. Hoping to grab a piece of that pie, Apple announced this week that it was granted a patent for technology that would allow users to change channels or functions on devices once commercials started playing on their TV or radio. According to the United States Patent and Trademark filing, the new patent specifically states that the product was intended for use “when an electronic device determines that an upcoming media item in a media broadcast is not of interest to a user, the electronic device can switch playback from the media stream to a media item from the electronic device local library”.

The new Apple technology is different from the merchandise currently in the marketplace because it does not merely skip ads, rather it allows users to change functions, switch to a different device or instantly access the user’s iTunes library for music, videos or podcasts. However, despite the potential for happy Apple users, industry experts are speculating that the major networks are not likely to be happy about Apple’s newly patented technology. Lawsuits have already been filed against Dish, claiming that its Auto Hop feature is illegal. Furthermore, CBS, Fox and NBC argue that ad skipping technology is detrimental to business because it reduces the advertising revenue that the networks depend on to purchase programming.

The new ad-skipping patent comes just weeks after Apple was granted an additional patent to create a recording device that would allow users to record or pause live television. Apple users are convinced that the tech giant has plans to create a broadcast-integrated Apple TV that would allow for a complete Apple home viewing experience. In addition, with the new options recently patented by Apple, home users could connect iPhones, iPods, tablets, televisions, computers and other Apple devices seamlessly. Apple is also currently negotiating with network executives to bring live television to Apple TV via streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu or iTunes rentals.




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