California Based AVT Announces Patent for Remote Vending Machine Technology

vending-machine-thumb-200x131-43182 California – AVT, an industry leader in automated vending machine technology, announced today that it was awarded a patent for a newly developed vending machine technology.

Among other things, patent 8,191,779 allows owners of computerized vending systems to control almost every aspect of their machine by remote access. There are a total of 19 claims in the patent including those which compile sales information, add advertising revenues to product sales, collect marketing analysis, and receive wireless payments from debit or credit cards, mobile phones or radio frequency identification. Additionally, the new technology includes touch screen interfaces and trouble-shoots potential mechanical or computer problems from remote locations.

Currently, it is estimated that there are over eight million vending machines being used across the United States. As such, the vending machine industry is the largest cash business in the U.S. and the most pervasive retail channel with the highest number of locations. However, unlike other leading industries, vending machines are the only retail channel that does not universally accept credit or debit card payments. Only two to three percent of machines accept cashless payment.

Historically, vending machine owners were plagued with problems accepting credit and debit cards because of a lack of reliable communication between credit card machines and servers. Consequently, transaction times were long and sometimes unreliable. In addition, there was no convenient way to supplement unit sales with advertising revenues. It is estimated that the addition of reliable credit card acceptance methods would increase vending machine sales by up to 40 percent. Moreover, industry experts say that the addition of cashless payment technology, such as the ones offered by AVT in its new patent, would allow owners of vending machines to offer higher-end merchandise, increase total sales per customer, eliminate vandalism and reduce theft.

Based in Corona, California and established in 1969, AVT is the leading developer of automated and self-service retailing systems. Its large portfolio of products includes LCD vending stores, automated retail offices and custom-vending services for gourmet coffees, office supplies, perfumes and high-end merchandise. Its unique vending machine solutions are intended to drive machine traffic, increase sales, improve security and lower company overhead. AVT stated that it has spent over three years and a significant amount of money developing the technology included in its latest patent. AVT is confident that its new technology will change the way consumers purchase vending machine products and redefine the automated retail industry.




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