Cannabis Biotech Announces Patent Filing for Medical Marijuana Dispensing Device

Patent FilingOrange County – A subsidiary company of Puget Technologies this week announced its filing of a patent for a new type of marijuana dispensing device.  In its filing, Cannabis Biotech set forth claims over its proprietary metered-dose dispenser, which will allow for more control in the administration of medical marijuana dosages.  This is another in a line of products for which the Florida-based company is seeking patent protection in order to deliver more accurate dosages for individualized patient needs.

In regard to the filing, the company’s President and CEO Ron Leyland noted, “We have filed this application to protect our design as our scientific team moves straight into development of this delivery technology.” He continued, “We look forward to the rapid commercialization of solutions to provide efficient and accurate dosing of medicinal marijuana for a wide variety of patients.”

With the technology described in this patent application, Cannabis Biotech will only add to its cutting edge family of products intended to advance the way medical marijuana is administered.  The company has invested heavily on research that focuses on the growing number of patients who seek the health benefits of using medical marijuana, but who want to avoid the stigma or appearance of smoking it.  In response, Cannabis Biotech has already introduced medical marijuana transdermal patches, nasal sprays and marijuana-infused drinks.  The company is also looking into other means of transmucosal dosage systems, which can include everything from nasal sprays to dissolving edible tablets.

With medical marijuana now legalized in 20 states across the nation, the industry is booming and is only expected to grow.   According to a recent estimate by Forbes, the total market is now worth over $1.7 billion and is expected to jump to almost 10 billion by 2016.  With numbers like this, it is clear why companies like Cannabis Biotech are eager to get a jump on patents that will improve the patient experience.  Indeed, the “Investors” tab of the Cannabis Biotech website encourages its own growth by urging potential backers to “get in early on this exploding multi-billion dollar industry” with “over 24 million users eligible for medical marijuana in the US.”




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