Cohera Medical’s Biodegradable Surgical Adhesive Awarded Patent

medical_instruments-thumb-200x133-76487 California – Cohera Medical announced today that it has been awarded a patent for its hydrophilic biodegradable adhesives. Hydrophilic biodegradable adhesive products both absorb and dissolve in water, and are highly useful in surgical applications where traditional methods of stitching and stapling may not be as desirable.

The range of products included in the patent cover Cohera’s product offerings in surgical adhesive products that are extremely strong, completely synthetic and resorbable by human tissues. Patent number 8,182,647 further involves a broad spectrum of adhesive products including TissuGlu®, a product designed for large flap tissue approximation. The current patent also includes products designed for numerous clinical applications and allows for multiple strengths and cure properties. Such non-traditional adhesive products can be used as alternatives in plastic and aesthetic surgeries such as stomach stapling, tummy tucks, and other cosmetic procedures.

Cohera is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based medical device company with secondary offices in The Netherlands. The medical adhesives company has long held the mission of creating products that improve patient care and quality of life. To that end, Cohera Medical has created a line of products alternative to traditional stitching and stapling methods that are designed for ease of use in the operating theater. In particular, Cohera specializes in adhesive products designed to assist plastic and aesthetic surgeons in a number of procedures reducing or eliminating the need for surgical drains. Cohera’s primary adhesive products form a strong and durable bond between tissues, and are resorbable and biocompatible for either internal or external use. Furthermore, Cohera’s products are unique from most other products in the market because the ingredients are not human or animal based.

Cohera began selling its tissue adhesive products, including TissuGlu, in Europe after obtaining CE Mark approval in 2011. The range of Cohera products have been successfully used in a wide variety of surgical procedures in Germany over the last year. Cohera Medical’s wide range of adhesive products are also currently being used in Europe for such procedures as bowel anastomoses and hernia mesh fixation. The same products, along with a number of new creations, are currently undergoing the process of U.S. Clinical Trials and patent approval.




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