Facial Recognition Patent Infringement Claim Lodged Against Toshiba

face-150x150 California – Technology company CeeColor Industries, LLC filed a complaint on July 2nd against Toshiba America, Inc. in Delaware Federal Court, alleging patent infringement.

At issue is technology for facial recognition software, which CeeColor Industries claims it holds exclusive patent rights over. The Delaware-based limited liability company is accusing Toshiba of manufacturing products using this software, which it claims is an infringement of CeeColor’s patent protection.

CeeColor alleges that Toshiba, a Delaware Corporation, violated its patent for software that triggers a device’s webcam to take regular photos to determine if the user is within close proximity. If the user is determined to be at the computer, the system activates the computer with no effort required of the user and then disables controls once the user leaves.

This technology was installed on Toshiba’s Qosmio line of laptops, which was first introduced in 2010. Toshiba’s facial recognition technology was seen as an innovative way to protect the privacy of the user and the security of the device.

CeeColor claims that Toshiba’s use of the technology is an intentional, direct violation of its patents without its permission. The complaint alleges that this patent violation has done irreparable harm to CeeColor and the company is seeking judgment against Toshiba.

The patents named in the lawsuit are both titled “Security system with proximity sensing for an electronic device.” The first, U.S. Patent Number 6,002,427, was registered by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in late 1999 and the other, which followed in May 2003, is U.S. Patent Number 6,570,610.

CeeColor has worked to defend its patent rigorously. It previously filed claims against other technology companies for infringement of the same patents. Lawsuits are currently pending in Delaware Federal Court against Sensible Vision, Inc. and Citizen Watch Co. of America, LLC.

The complaint filed by CeeColor demands monetary damages for the alleged infringement as well as attorneys’ fees and costs associated with trial. It also requests a trial by jury.




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