Fossil, Macy’s, and other Major Retailers Sued for Trademark Infringement

California Trademark LawLos Angeles – American company Fossil Inc. is being sued for trademark and trade dress infringement by Youngblood Timepieces, an up and coming fashion watch line based in Oakland, California. Also named in the lawsuit are major retailers such as Macy’s, Sears, Urban Outfitters,,, Nordstrom and Dillard’s for their roles in selling the alleged infringing products.

Youngblood launched its products at various Macy’s locations throughout the United States in 2008 and had immediate success, outselling Fossil and other competitors. The Youngblood complaint complains that Fossil, through its subsidiary Diesel, has infringed on its trademark rights by using Youngblood’s name without authorization on a new line of watches. Youngblood Timepieces emerged on the fashion scene in 2007 and quickly gained popularity when A-list celebrities and musicians wore its watches at various music awards shows.

Youngblood CEO and co-founder Patrick Martin responded when asked about the lawsuit, “We have asked Fossil to cease and desist from all business practices that violate our trademark rights. However, to date they have failed to do so and it left us no choice except to file suit to protect our brand name and image.” Martin went on to say, “It is our intention to settle this matter with as little complication to all parties involved as possible. At the same time, we will not allow Fossil to continue to infringe on our brand name and image. Our legal team is pursuing all avenues of legal action available to us.”

The lawsuit seeks a permanent injunction to prohibit Fossil from manufacturing or marketing the watches under the Youngblood designation. Unspecified damages from Fossil and the retailers were also being sought.

In an age where young people are relying on the clocks on their cellular phones, Youngblood Timepieces is aiming for the wristwatch to make a comeback. Its fashionable watches have a unique design that appeals to both young professionals and urban trendsetters alike. The watches retail for $79.95-$259.95.




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