Fountain of Youth Promised in New Patent

youth-thumb-200x150-33984 California – The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently awarded the Geron Corporation the TA-65 patent, which will bring the world’s first telomerase activator to market. Telomerase Activation Sciences (T.A. Sciences), a subsidiary of the Geron Corp. owns sole rights under this patent for cosmetic and nutraceutical applications.

The Telomerase Activation technology targets immune cells in the human body, and has been shown to slow cell death and increase quality of life. Results from a study performed by T.A. Sciences show that participants who took the TA-65 for a 12-month period demonstrated a substantial increase in their immunological function. This improvement was due to a reduced amount of short telomeres in immune cells. Telomeres are at the end of every chromosomes, acting like bookends and protecting chromosomes from fusing into rings and binding with other DNA. The placebo-controlled study results also showed improvements in vision, skin appearance and male libido, with no reported side effects.

“This foundational patent is a validation of the millions of dollars and more than 8 years of effort invested to bring TA-65, the world’s first telomerase activator, to market,” stated T.A. Sciences Chairman, Noel Thomas Patton. He added that the issuance of the breakthrough patent will amplify Geron’s proprietary rights to its already strong resume of anti-aging inventions and will make it much more difficult for infringers to copy them.

T.A. Sciences has been selling the supplement for almost four years. Results from the TA-65 study can be found on the company’s website:




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