GenturaDx Awarded Two Molecular Diagnostic Patents

molecule-computer1-200x133 Orange County – Hayward, California based GenturaDx was recently awarded two patents by the USPTO concerning molecular diagnostic technology. The patents, US Patent Nos. 7,910,062 and 8,029,746 cover methods of purifying nucleic acid to detect infectious diseases by using paramagnetism. Paramagnetic materials are only magnetized when in the presence of an external magnetic source.

GenturaDx plans to utilize the newly patented technology to create an automated testing instrument for molecular diagnosis to market in the healthcare industry. The instrument, known as IDbox, manipulates the molecules within a closed cartridge to purify the nucleic acid. The process involves a PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction. A PCR reaction involves amplifying DNA by replicating specific DNA sequences as many as thousands or millions of times.

GenturaDx claims that this process will allow healthcare professionals to diagnose numerous pathogens at the molecular level. The IDbox is currently in the beta testing phase and will begin clinical trials in 2012. If the molecular diagnostic platform is successful, GenturaDx will market the device to hospitals seeking to conduct molecular diagnosis onsite in the hospital lab. The device will also serve to automate the testing process and could potentially reduce testing costs.

Typically,an invention must be reduced to practice in order for a patent to issue. However, when an aspect comprising a future invention is reduced to practice and, standing alone, is novel, non-obvious, and useful, that process or article may itself be patented. If that process satisfies the requirements of patentability, a patent may be granted to protect that aspect of the contemplated invention.

In this case GenturaDx has not fully developed the IDbox instrument. However, it has been granted patent protection for two methods of molecular diagnostic technology that will be utilized by Gentura in its construction of the IDbox. Once the IDbox is fully developed, GenturaDx could potentially receive patent protection for the IDbox as well.




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