High Roads Granted Patent for Healthcare Benchmarking Technology

search-200x133 Los Angeles – With the search for healthcare affecting the lives of millions of people, healthcare search technology is becoming increasingly important. To date, High Roads healthcare benchmarking technology already touches the lives of over forty million consumers. To further assist these consumers in finding the perfect provider of healthcare services, High Roads announced yesterday that it has been granted a patent for The Lab, its real-time, healthcare management and benefits benchmarking database.

Continuously updated all year long, The Lab contains information for over 12,000 medical plans, as well as cost comparison and analysis for each plan. The newly patented technology is a valuable tool for assisting organizations in comparing plans and determine which might be the best match for its individual employees. High Road’s newest methodology also allows human resource departments to develop new benefits and design strategies to better fit the wants and needs of company employees.

High Roads developed its newly patented technology in response to its observations of the struggles within the human resource departments of many organizations. It noticed that many companies were unnecessarily spending time and resources doing all of the things that The Lab was created for. Once they purchase the rights to use The Lab, companies can access a huge database, compare plans, and analyze parts of each potential healthcare plan. Additionally, plans can be compared against other companies by company size, employee type, industry or geography. Reports are then generated in excel, pdf or html formats to assist companies in making its ultimate decision on which plan to pick. The Lab also provides industry-wide reports, which are published regularly, as well as trend reports to assist industry experts in compiling healthcare information.

High Roads is a privately owned company that specializes in adaptive, collaborative and agile software development and computer services. Located in Woburn, Massachusetts, High Roads technology is currently used by employers to gain maximum benefits over healthcare compliance and costs. In business since 1999, its mission has been to provide the best technology possible to help companies and individuals find the best healthcare possible.




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