HTC Inks Patent Deal with Intertrust Technologies

Infringed Patent Lawyer Los Angeles – Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has recently signed a patent licensing deal with Intertrust Technologies Corporation that will give it rights to use the company’s patents for digital rights management.

HTC reportedly also walked away with a twenty percent share in SyncTV, a subsidiary company of Intertrust, for an undisclosed amount. SyncTV offers a cloud-based streaming service that is compatible on several different platforms, including Android, Windows Phone, Xbox, iOS, and Internet-enabled televisions. Many are speculating that this move could potentially catapult HTC into many other consumer technology markets besides the mobile media device market.

Other handset manufacturers such as Motorola, Samsung, and Huawei, have entered into patent licensing deals with Intertrust in the past, however the company stated that this is the first time that a partner has negotiated a stake of one its subsidiaries into the agreement. Intertrust has termed its deal with HTC as a “broad strategic technology partnership.”

Intertrust Chief Executive Officer, Talal Shamoon, commented that HTC is now “licensed to do anything with our IP,” with its mobile devices and potentially other consumer electronics products. He also pointed out that HTC has historically been involved with a broad range of products. In the past, Intertrust has been mainly involved in developing patented technologies in areas such as distributed computing, including cloud-based services, as well as digital rights management.

In its patent deal with HTC, Intertrust’s Marlin DRM software will be used “to protect and manage content in various national video distribution ecosystems in Japan, China, and Europe.”

In order to compete with technology giants like Apple, HTC has been building up its patent portfolio of content and service investments over the past year with the potential to enhance its product line and distinguish itself apart from other smartphone manufacturers. Its decision to purchase twenty percent of the SyncTV subsidiary will allow it to fulfill its goal of growing its product line because of the company’s ability to cover streamed video services to more than just mobile devices.

Luckily for HTC, Intertrust has had a successful history in the technology industry when it comes to protecting its intellectual property. In one particularly notable patent infringement litigation dating back to 2004, Intertrust settled a lawsuit with Microsoft, collecting damages of $440 million.




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