Intel Files Trademark Infringement Lawsuit over “Intel”

Technology TrademarkLos Angeles – California-based Intel Corporation has filed a trademark infringement lawsuit against Intelspec, LLC, an engineering and project management company based in Salt Lake City. In the complaint, Intel claims that Intelspec uses a “name and mark that wholly incorporates and emphasizes the world-famous Intel trademark.”

Intel indicated in its claim that the names are so similar that it is causing confusion among consumers that there is an association between the two companies. Intel is also claiming that the Intelspec name is diluting the Intel trademark. The world’s largest semiconductor microchip maker, founded in 1968, is asking for a judge, at its discretion, to cancel or transfer all rights from the domain name to Intel. Intel is also seeking a judgment that will force Intelspec to “cancel or modify” its company name as well as damages and profits that Intelspec has made because it was using “Intel” in its name.

Since Intelspec is an engineering firm in the business of obtaining construction contracts from large government and private entities, Intel’s lawsuit seems odd, since the two company’s lines of business are not even remotely similar. Intel will likely have difficulty convincing a judge that consumers are likely to be confused between the two and how Intelspec could have capitalized in its field by using “Intel” in its name.

Despite the challenges it may face in proving any trademark infringement and trademark dilution, Intel has traditionally been very aggressive in protecting its intellectual property. The Intelspec lawsuit follows a series of trademark complaints filed by Intel, one in particular with the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation center that asked for the cancellation or transfer of fifteen different domain names that included the “Pentium” trademark.

There was no comment available from either company on the issue.




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