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Los Angeles Based GTX Corporation Granted Patent to Keep Autistic Children Safe

gps-map-200x150Los Angeles – In a partnership with Talk About Curing Autism (TACA), Los Angeles-based GTX Corp. has been granted a utility patent that will focus on GPS tracking location based solutions aimed at aiding families living with autism. TACA is a non-profit organization which provides valuable information and resources to parents whose children have been diagnosed with autism.

As the leader in customizable, two-way GPS tracking technology, GTX will be bolstering its growing intellectual property platform that includes 11 issued patents and 5 pending patents. Its new patent titled “System and Method for Communication with a Tracking Device” covers many vital communications with its processes that are currently being used everyday by the company’s licensed partners and consumers, which will give GTX increased market share in the growing $13 billion location based services industry.

“With our award winning multi-patented GPS Smart Shoe and patent-pending Alertag, we have been at the forefront of connective health for years, providing new levels of functional oversight, security and peace of mind to a variety of audiences and needs,” stated Patrick Bertagna, CEO of GTX Corp. “We look forward to developing and bringing to market new, innovative products that both satisfy the ever-increasing consumer demand for location based solutions and that will help support the families challenged with a special needs child.”

The patent has thirty claims, including two independent claims. One of the independent claims involves a tracking device with remotely configurable settings and the other independent claim relates to a method of communicating configuration data to a tracking device. This patented technology will provide extra safety and security to individuals afflicted with autism. Recent research has shown that forty-eight percent of autistic children wander from their homes, making them more prone to injury, death, and other safety issues.

The technological innovation covered by the new patent, along with the partnership between GTX and TACA, will enhance the level of healthcare and safety that is becoming integrated into our phones, homes, and even our clothing with the convergence of digital and medical tracking technologies.

In addition to providing technology to keep developmentally disabled children safe, GTX Corp. also develops miniaturized GPS tracking technology for a wide variety of consumer branded products. Founded in 2002, the company is well-known for its patented GPS shoe, a smart shoe that includes a smartphone GPS tracking feature.


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