NBA Player Anthony Davis Register’s Monobrow Trademarks With USPTO

Lawyer San Diego – It has been a banner year for sport’s stars and their trademarked catchphrases. Witnessing the popularity of trademark licensing and the tremendous opportunity to profit from marketing products with trademarked names and phrases, it seems that athletes are scrambling to find the latest popular catchphrase to trademark.

Jeremy Lin filed for Linsanity, Tim Tebow filed for Tebowing, Bryce Harper filed for “That’s a Clown Question, Brow”, and now basketball phenom Anthony Davis has filed for “Fear the Brow” and “Raise the Brow” for trademark protection with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Davis stated that he filed the trademark applications to ensure that no other parties would profit from the feature that has made him instantly recognizable. And although most people would not consider the possession of a uni-brow a positive attribute, the basketball star insists that it is one of his best features and he intends to profit from it.

In addition to the profits for Davis and his family from the uni-brow trend, Anthony Davis is riding a wave of popularity since he was drafted last Thursday. Known as much for his connected eyebrows as his on-the-court abilities, Davis was celebrated with top selling t-shirts sold during Wildcat games that read, “Fear the Brow”.

Among his accomplishments, Davis garnered countless awards, led Kentucky to an undefeated 2011-2012 season, helped his team win the 2012 NCAA Basketball Championship and won the NCAA Tournament Outstanding Player award. The power forward and center played just one year with the Kentucky Wildcats before announcing plans to forego the remainder of his college career and become a professional.

Considering the risks and rewards, fans, coaches and sports analysts were surprised by the move. However, given the tremendous momentum of Davis’ career thus far, most experts anticipate a smooth transition from college to professional player. And as a first round pick by the New Orleans Hornets, the start of the rookie’s first year is highly anticipated. No information has been released yet about potential manufacturers of apparel or sports memorabilia, but given the spectacular rise to fame of the young basketball star, it is likely that the eyebrow trend will prompt successful sales of fan gear.




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