New York Ad Campaign: Copyright Infringement Causes Lost Jobs

www-internet Los Angeles – New York City will launch a city-wide advertising campaign to chip away at the consciences of file-sharers.  The message: Downloading movies and music without paying for them is a job-killer for the city.  The publicly-funded anti-piracy campaign will be seen on taxicabs, busses, in movie cinemas, and on the web.

Katherine Oliver, commissioner of media and entertainment for N.Y.C. insists the costs of running the campaign are minimal because the city is utilizing its own public television stations and bus shelters to spread the message.  She also stated the city has too much invested in the different media outlets to ignore the rising costs of illegal file-sharing.  According to Oliver’s staff, more than 700,000 N.Y.C. jobs are either directly or indirectly involved with the creation of books, films, television and radio and the illegal file-sharing is having a very direct impact on those jobs.

The idea for the anti-piracy campaign evolved when Oliver realized that the street-sales of pirated movies had declined following a crackdown by Mayor Michael Bloomberg with the help of the Motion Picture Association of America in 2007.  Although street sales were down, Oliver said illegal file-sharing skyrocketed, making the issue more difficult to police. With music and movies traditionally being the victims of piracy, Oliver said she was surprised to learn that the publishing industry is also being affected.  This is due to the recent popularity of downloading digital books to computers and mobile-media devices.

In the video above, comedian Tom Papa performs with actors in a skit.  Papa stands behind a table in Union Square offering free videos to pedestrians passing by.  He tells them they can have the video for free with one hitch: the sound technician standing behind Papa with a boom microphone will lose her job.  The acting pedestrians have different attitudes about the fact.

The average person sharing files probably hasn’t given much thought that their actions don’t just hurt large corporations and famous artists.




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