Patent Awarded to Interphase For Penveu Interactive Display System

tablet_pc-200x150 Los Angeles – Interphase announced today that it has been awarded a patent for an interactive display system that has been in development for the last year. The patent for Penvue (patent #8,217,997) covers technology that is invisible to the human eye, but visible to the product’s pen in a display stream. The science behind Penveu was designed to maximize interactivity and collaboration in classrooms and boardrooms. The product and its newly patented technology works with currently installed projectors and large screen displays. In sum, the product enhances installed projectors and larger screen displays and easily makes any flat surface into an interactive display system.

Interphase developed the product after noticing that current interactive whiteboard systems were unable to provide sufficient collaboration between the person using it and their audiences. Penveu technology counteracts this problem with visual clarity to a single pixel and is pinpoint accurate. The new product is so advanced that it utilizes the most up-to-date satellite and military navigation technology. Interphase’s newest product is compatible with any computer connected to a projector, large screen display or television using a VGA connector. Interphase markets the product as portable and compact enough to fit into a pocket. Interphase has four additional patents in process for the Penveu handheld device.

Headquartered in Plano Texas, with manufacturing facilities in Carrollton, Texas, Interphase offers best in class solutions for enterprise and education technology markets. Its products are designed to assist users with connectivity, interworking, packet processing, electronic contract manufacturing and electronic engineering design services. Interphase also designs a multitude of services including desktop visualization and embedded computer vision technology solutions. Its latest product Penveu, is just one in a portfolio of products that were designed to assist its users to best utilize learning and presentation technology. Interphase anticipates that its newest product will pave the way for a whole line of products that it currently produces, as well as a number of high-tech business solutions already in development.




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