Patent Filings Point to “Hot Corners” as Part of New Samsung Smartphone Interface

Intellectual Property Infringement California – A series of recently unveiled patents give a glimpse into what we might see as part of the next line of Samsung smartphones.

With the new Samsung Galaxy S5 set to be released in March, all eyes are on the Korean based company for what’s to come for the new generation of devices. After doing some digging, Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KPRIS) was able to uncover patent documents that offer some fresh details about the new phones.

Among the new developments showcased in the filings is a new feature called “Hot Corners,” which comes as part of Samsung’s efforts to make its larger screens easier to navigate. With the overall size of smartphones growing (Samsung’s Galaxy Mega has one of the biggest screens on the market, at 6.3 inches), the company has been looking for new ways improve ease of use.

The new “Hot Corners” concept will be featured in the revamped TouchWiz interface and will make it so that one-handed operation is more manageable on the large phones. The “Hot Corners” platform of the new TouchWiz features four semi circles in each corner of the display. Each corner has a few shortcuts to commonly accessed applications and phone functions, such as weather, maps, and favorite calls.

In addition to the more accessible “Hot Corners” home display, the patent filings describe some other features to be included in the updated interface, including a more socially focused music and media application. Specifically, the patents describe ways in which users will be able to see which of their friends have listened to a song that they are listening to and what ranking that friend gave the song. Beyond that, the new TouchWiz music app will allow Samsung users to comment back and forth on songs and videos, similar to Spotify or YouTube.

With the new Touchwiz patents coming out so close to the release of Samsung’s 2014 flagship device, it is almost certain that these new features will be included as part of the S5 package. The new device is said to be packed full of new technology, including an improved camera, updated operating system and a faster processor. With all of the added features, the S5 is set to sell for a cool $650.




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