Pop Group LMFAO Not Laughing About New Beer Trademark Dispute

beer-bottle-pouringOrange County – The pop group LMFAO, famous for its members’ funky style and fast paced songs, are after a Michigan craft brewery that has named one of its beers “LMFAO Stout.” The dark and hoppy beer variety is marketed and sold by Pigeon Hill Brewing Co., which is based out of Muskegon, Michigan.

Records from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) show that Pigeon Hill filed for federal trademark protection in the spring of this year for many unique names, including “Snoring Basset Bown”, “Stage 5 Clinger” and “Fuggly Good Looker”. However, it is only the LMFAO Stout that has drawn the ire of the band by the same name, whose lawyers have sent a cease and desist letter to the brewers asking that Pigeon Hill immediately stop production of the LMFAO beer.

In response, Pigeon Hill points out that it conducted a search prior to filing for federal protection of the name and claims that had there been a more similar name registered, such as “LMFAO Brown”, it would have never filed its own application. Given that LMFAO is a musical group, however, founders of the brewery believed there would be no issue. Indeed, the brewery contends that they were caught off guard by the band’s demand that they stop production of the beer saying, “It’s definitely interesting to see that crossover where the entertainment world thinks there may be some confusion.”

Lawyers acting on behalf of the “Party Rock Anthem” group claim that their client’s LMFAO trademark is very well known and allege that customers that are exposed to the LMFAO Stout beer might likely associate it with the band. Given this possibility for confusion among consumers, they are firm in their demand that production under the LMFAO name stop and that the trademark application filed with the USPTO be withdrawn.

While there has been no formal word yet from Pigeon Hill as to how it will respond to the demands issued by the group, co-founder Michael Bower points out that the name has special meaning to him and the loyal customers of the brewery, as they coined it after receiving customer input as to what they should name their first beer. They came up with LMFAO, which they claim stands for “Let me fetch an oatmeal” Stout, and which Bower notes is now “near and dear” to them all for being its first beer variety.




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