Rapper Changes Name After #Burberry Files #Trademark Lawsuit

scarfLos Angeles – After months of cease and desist requests, Burberry filed a trademark infringement and dilution lawsuit against rapper and producer Perry Moise. Burberry, an English luxury fashion brand founded in 1853, took issue with the rapper using the Burberry trademark as the rapper’s stage name.

Moise adopted the stage name “Burberry” and released an EP in May 2016. The album cover implemented strikingly similar design features to the iconic Burberry brand, including a checkered print, an equestrian logo, and nearly identical font. Moise’s album featured a track with celebrity Kylie Jenner making her singing debut, increasing the potential reach of the album’s popularity. The possible scope of the album along with Moise’s plans to release new music and go on tour this fall prompted Burberry’s recent legal action.

The concerns by Burberry about Moise are twofold. The use of Burberry branding in any regard is viewed as an abuse of Burberry trademarks, and as a spokesperson stated, “as a global luxury brand, Burberry considers the protection of its intellectual property vital for the health of its business and to safeguard its customers.” Using Burberry trademarks in any industry is obviously concerning to the brand since it can lead to trademark dilution.

The second issue is the use of Burberry branding in the music industry. Central to the Burberry image is its establishment as a lifestyle brand, and music plays a key role in that branding. Burberry uses live music in its runway shows, created a website producing videos of emerging independent artists, and became the first fashion brand to get a channel on Apple music. Moise’s use of Burberry trademarks could cause confusion among consumers when seeking out Burberry musical content and finding Moise’s music instead.

Burberry contacted Moise with a cease and desist letter after the debut album release with no response. Over the next few months, the company made multiple contact attempts with emails, letters, and phone calls and received no response. They recently filed a lawsuit requesting that Moise remove the design and name association, but with no monetary compensation requests.

UPDATE: In response to the lawsuit, apparently Moise has already agreed to change his stage name to The Good Perry and has removed the images relating to Burberry branding.




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